GEA Diessel introduces QR codes on IZMAG™

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe latest IZMAG™ electromagnetic flow meters from GEA Diessel now feature a QR (Quick Response) code on the type plate of each instrument. It’s a quick, simple way for customers to access information and to contact GEA Diessel instantly from the location where each instrument is installed.
GEA Diessel introduced the new QR codes in response to requests by customers who wanted to be able to access specific information quickly and easily. “In the future, our customers can forward necessary information to our sales or service teams directly from the place where the IZMAG™ is installed,” explained Lars Knigge, Sales Co-ordinator with GEA Diessel with responsibility for the project. “That makes the collection of information and its transmission much easier and more flexible.” Receiving information in this way eliminates delays and ensures that the sales team at GEA Diessel receive exactly the right information to process enquiries effectively.
The QR codes can be read easily using any ‘smart’ device by downloading one of the many free Apps available.
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