Casa Brasil's Joel Shuler Introduces English Translation Of Academic Book On Post-Harvest Technology At Annual International Coffee Conference In Brazil

Shuler Also Participating in Expert Panel at International Conference on Natural Arabicas September 12

Handbook of Coffee Post_Harvest Technology_Cover(AUSTIN, TX – September 5, 2013) Joel Shuler, founder of Casa Brasil Coffees, the Austin-based coffee company that sources, imports and roasts beans exclusively from artisanal growers in Brazil, has a big week ahead at the International Coffee Organization’s (ICO) annual International Coffee Week in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Shuler will debut the English translation of a scholarly book on post-harvest coffee technologies, as well as participate as a panel member at the International Conference on Natural Arabicas, Sept. 9-12.
Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013, the ICO is combining forces with the 8th Annual Espaco Café Brasil to produce a week full of seminars, studies, and celebrations in what will be the year’s most comprehensive coffee trade show. Organizers predict 6,000 conference participants comprised of growers, cooperatives, educators, as well as related industry and market professionals.
Because Shuler is fluent in Portuguese and has in-depth coffee sourcing and processing knowledge, he was invited to translate the scholarly work, Pós-Colheita do Café. The English version is entitled Handbook of Coffee Post-Harvest Technology: A Comprehensive Guide to the Processing, Drying, and Storage of Coffee and is a collaboration of efforts by the original editor, Flavio Meira Borem, associate professor at the Federal University of Lavras (Brazil) and an expert on post-harvest coffee engineering, English editor John Outler and Shuler. “I am proud to be a part of bringing in-depth material on post-harvest processes authored by scientists and academics to the broader audience of English speakers in the coffee trade,” says Shuler. The book will soon be available at
Shuler, long a proponent of quality, naturally-processed coffees, will also present on the panel, “Ways to Improve Production, Processing and Quality,” where he will be joined by a researcher, a processing expert and a master cupper. The International Conference on Natural Arabicas features lectures, workshops, discussions and tasting sessions involving international experts on Arabica coffees over a two-day period.
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About Casa Brasil:
Founded in 2005, by Joel Shuler, Casa Brasil Coffees is an Austin, Texas based coffee company that sources, imports and roasts beans exclusively from artisanal growers in Brazil. Casa Brasil is the first United States coffee company to focus on directly trading and offering gourmet Brazilian beans from seed to cup. Shuler is one of the few coffee experts worldwide to earn both the Q Grader certification and the Port of Santos Cupping and Classification license. He is a regular contributor to coffee industry trade publications.
Located at 415 E. St. Elmo Rd Ste 4A Austin, TX 78745. Casa Brasil Coffees is currently available in Austin area grocery stores, farmers’ markets and some of the city’s finest restaurants. Learn about their distinctive “Sabor e Porgreso” vision and purchase coffee online via Follow Casa Brasil on Facebook and Twitter.

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