Announcing the Guddina Specialty Coffee Guide and Social Network

 Announcing a New Mobile-Friendly Web Application Dedicated to:

Spreading the Gospel of Specialty Coffee and Promoting a Growing Coffee Community

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September 12th, 2013
The Guddina Coffee team is thrilled to be creating a new mobile-friendly web application and social coffee network to serve coffee’s global community. The web-app, called “Guddina Specialty Coffee Guide”, will serve as a main hub where users can interact with friends, shops, baristas, coffees and roasters; while businesses can build stronger relationships with their loyal communities and fans. “Guddina” (pronounced “good-day-nah”) is an Ethiopian Oromo word meaning “to grow” or “to achieve”, and this new company will embody that message in a product that helps coffee shops, roasters, baristas and the everyday coffee drinker achieve their goals and connect with the growing specialty coffee world.
Through the Guddina website (called by one supporter “the network the coffee industry has always needed”), users will be able to find nearby specialty coffee shops and roasters (not the Tim Horton’s or Starbucks of the world) and interact with them in a few different ways:
Read featured articles and professionally made video features created by the Guddina team of each partnered shop, coffee variety and roaster

  • “Check in” to their favorite shops and drinks as they visit them
  • Keep track of each different coffee they enjoy from various shops and roasters that they visit (and purchase bags of coffee from any roaster on the website to be shipped to their home)
  • Post status updates, coffee reviews, photos and other notes (much like a blog)
  • Become a member of an extremely active community of coffee lovers
  • Coordinate meetings and events with friends at their favorite coffee shop
  • Learn more about the best methods for brewing coffee
  • Connect to their existing social networks for easy sharing of content and finding friends

The Guddina Specialty Coffee Guide will be made available for all US-based customers with devices using the latest web browsing standards in Winter of 2013, and will open up for beta testing to all RocketHub crowd-funding supporters and other groups in October of 2013. Through RocketHub we will be able to give all supporters who help to fund our project and campaign specific goods in return for their funding, such as a one-year subscription to Barista Magazine or a Hario V60 Home Brewing Kit.
For more information, contact Tim Stiffler-Dean and the Guddina Coffee team using the details below, see our crowd-funding campaign at (set to launch on September 14th, 2013), or follow us on our website at
About Guddina Coffee:
Guddina Coffee was founded and will be operated in Dayton, OH (an hour away from the “next great coffee town”, Columbus, OH), by a small team of four experienced Baristas coming out of the most popular coffee houses in the region. Guddina Coffee is currently working with a number of coffee shops, roasters and baristas across the US to make the dream of the Guddina Specialty Coffee Guide a reality, but is looking to expand their reach and get in touch with many more industry leaders in the near future.

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