Mayaland Coffee Will Be Conducting Two Workshops In New York City

Mayaland Coffee will be conducting two workshops in New York City:

September 25 at 6:00pm EST
Location: Third Rail Coffee
Address: 159 2nd Av, New York, New York, 10003 (10th Street at Stuyvesant)
September 26 at 6:00pm EST
Location: Joe Pro
Address: 131 West 21st Street, New York, New York, 10011

The workshop is called “Sweetness and Traceability in Guatemalan Coffee,” which will be centered in introducing coffee professionals and the public at large into a new perspective on the crafting of specialty coffee in Guatemala. This will not be a cupping session, rather a workshop that presents the opportunity to learn about the way in which terroir and farming practices combine to create unique flavor profiles that are being promoted by two Guatemalan companies, the TG-LAB and Mayaland Coffee.
The workshop will be lead by Josué Morales, a coffee professional, roaster and cupper with ten years of experience and co-founder of the two Guatemalan companies hosting the event.
About Mayaland Coffee and the TG-LAB
Mayaland Coffee is a roasting company and coffee brand dedicated to the sourcingand roasting of Guatemala’s finest coffees at origin. The brand’s work has been rooted in the research and development taking place at The TG -LAB.
Long term relationships have been forged with many farmers around the country in order to provide, through Mayaland Coffee, the opportunity and economic incentive to roast and feature coffee from unestablished farmers.
The model in essence works in the following way:
Coffees from all over Guatemala are evaluated and reapeatedly assesed through years of constant work with the farmers, in which four traceability programs are followed in a consecutive way.

  1. Specialty Coffees can only be defined by knowing where a coffee comes from and who produced it.
  2. Traceability according to regional geography.
  3. Traceability for particular lots within a specific farm.
  4. Traceability according to botanical varietals within a farm.

The main criteria for choosing Mayaland Coffees are:

  1. That the coffee presents a clean cup.
  2. Exceptional cup profile and characteristics.

The Mayaland Coffee roasting style has taken a process of ten years of ongoing improvement in order to achieve SWEETNESS as the principal and common trait among all of our coffees.
Guatemala as a producing country combines unique characteristics that set it apart from any other coffee producing country in the world.
Some of these characteristics are:

  1. A centenial coffee culture.
  2. High Altitudes
  3. Soil and Micro-Climate Diversity
  4. Eight major coffee growing regions.

For additional information please contact
Josué Morales

Dan Griffin

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