ILBA Coffee School Adds Extra Barista Training Classes to Meet High Demand, Finishing Up the Year Strong

With tuition costs consistently rising, students launch their careers with vocational barista training at less than a fourth of the average cost of tuition. The number one coffee school in the nation, known to take November and December off for the holidays, is adding extra classes to the meet high demand of eager entrepreneurs wanting to take part in the most active traded commodity and multibillion-dollar industry: Coffee.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) September 18, 2013
ILBA Coffee School is guiding their students to success in one of the most actively traded commodities in the world; more than $100 billion worldwide. According to Global Exchange, “coffee is the world’s second most valuable traded commodity with twelve billion pounds of coffee consumed annually and the United States alone having over 130 million coffee drinkers.”
No other barista training or coffee school comes close to how much Ivy League Barista Academy offers. Their coffee school will not only teach their students how to do latte art, like other schools, rather will guide them on how to run their own business efficiently and effectively. Their secret? The personable, well rounded and experienced coffee training staff. They’re coming to each barista student with experience in opening over 500 coffee businesses for large franchises as well as individual owners, worldwide.
States nationwide has cut $15.2 billion from college funding, or 17.4 percent. Higher education is increasingly necessary to make it in the workforce; yet tuition is increasingly unmanageable. These numbers surface as presidential candidates boast their sure-fire solutions to the daunting figures; Obama hopes to expand federal student aid while Romney argues that increased aid has only encouraged colleges to charge more. The attendance demands at the ILBA Coffee School this holiday season would suggest economy-minded students have found their own solution.
The vocational training though ILBA puts students on the fast track to a return on their investment in the perpetually growing, proven recession-proof industry of gourmet coffee. This December will boast a dynamic variety of class packages to suite individual needs. The 3-Day package guides students through a robust, hands-on experience for cultivating basic barista skills. The 4-Day goes a step further, honing advanced techniques with top-standard brewing methods, espresso extraction, milk steaming, even latte art.
The greatest catalyst bringing student of this coffee school is the turn-key infrastructure of coffee-based services in which ILBA Coffee School is just the first step. This infrastructure, aptly named Coffee Shop Experts, offers everything from café design and construction to wholesale fair trade coffee. So whether the student is a seasoned entrepreneur recognizing the opportunity of a burgeoning industry in a bleak economy, or a hopeful start-up new to the coffee scene, ILBA coffee school has become a popular first step, and viable solution to otherwise unfeasible education costs. Economy-minded coffee lovers can sign up now or learn more before classes sell out at

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