Coffee-Shop Drink Electronic Fast Warmer, World Fastest Cooler, Electricity Saver & Fresh Milk and Fresh Condiment conserver.


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A coffee shop customer buys hot coffee, tea or cold drink. He or she may drink this beverage in the shop or take it to the office, home or trip. The destination may be a short or long distance. In most cases, if not a walking distance, he or she drives.
Auto hot drink inserted inside car cup holder, after some time ( about 10 minutes or over) starts cooling down. As time progresses, it gets even colder. Driver or passenger is forced to drink the beverage as soon as possible, or else it may be too cold to enjoy. In some cases, it becomes so cold to be unenjoyable, and consequently thrown away. This wastes money, energy and resources.
The same scenario occurs with cold (chilled) drink that gets warmer as time passes. Also in some cases, it may become very warm and unenjoyable, and would be discarded away. Again, this wastes money, energy and resources.
In many instances, canned beverage in a car , in a hot day, may be too warm to be enjoyable. And there is no car cooler to lower the drink temperature for pleasurable, thirst-quenching enjoyment.
In addition to its benefits, the hot coffee or other beverage keeps the driver alert. ( Please, driver pull over to a safe location to imbibe your drink, passenger can enjoy a drink while car is in motion. ABSOLUTELY NO CAR ALCOHOL. ).
TEMFAST keeps, as long as one desires, hot drink hot, cold drink cold and cools canned drink. All autos should have TEMFAST for enjoyable hot or cold drinks, for alertness and to save money, energy and resources. Every saving counts for ecology, personal and world economies.
Fresh Milk & Fresh Condiment Conserver.
The healthy required milk temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees F.
In many coffee shops, the milkettes are inserted in a pool of ice cubes. But with time they melt and the milkettes will be drowned in warm water. Thus, the milkettes temperature could be above 45 degrees F; this is a problem and unacceptable.
And also, some shops insert milk boxes in a bucket of ice or chilled bucket or container. These also with time will rise in temperature. This is also a problem and un-acceptable for health reasons.
In other cases milk bag is inserted in its container and left on the service counter for a long time. This also would rise in temperature above 45 degrees F (=7.2 degrees C). Again it poses a health problem and is unacceptable.
In all the above cases, TEMFAST HAS THE SOLUTIONS. It keeps the milkettes, milk box or milk bag cool within the required temperatures at ambient temperature of 70 degrees F (about 21.1 degrees C) and Relative humidity of about 50% . These are normal comfortable room or shop ambient temperature and humidity.
Coffee Shop (including those in Gas Stations), In addition to selling coffee , tea, cold drinks and other items, would sell TEMFAST to help their customers enjoy their drinks at their destinations, keep alert, save money, electricity and resources for humanity. In this era of energy scarcity, every saving counts.
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