Weldon 'Coconut' Flavoring for Coffee – What a Concept!!

Weldon FlavoringsWeldon Flavorings latest Flavor Creation, Coconut flavoring for coffee is successful. Who would have thought that Coconut flavoring in coffee would be so delicious. After several requests from customers for a Coconut flavoring, the Weldon Team decided to give it a try. Now out of their 12 coffee flavorings, the Coconut is the 4th leading seller. Watch out French Vanilla and Hazelnut. Move over Caramel Creme and Chocolate Raspberry. The Weldon’s Coconut Coffee Flavoring has arrived and just like their other coffee flavorings it is totally unsweetened and contains no sugar, artificial sweetener, creamers, powders or syrups. Because these pure liquid flavorings are not pre-sweetened, each cup of coffee can be made unsweetened or sweetened to each individual’s taste. With 0 calories per serving and allergen free it’s the healthy way to enjoy your coffee, cappuccino, and lattes flavored. Each bottle comes with a pre-measured pump bottle which allows for quick and accurate flavoring.
For more information please contact Weldon at 502-797-2937 or visit them online at WeldonFlavorings.com

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