15 Tools for Retailer Success

Retailers are the engine source in the coffee industry locomotion train. They supply the latest and greatest products and keep customers in the loop of current happenings and competent services. Here are 15 Retailer Tools we love here at CoffeeTalk.
1: BriteVision Media: Custom, Stock, and Generic 4-Color Printed Cup Sleeves.
Custom printed cup sleeves provide the coffee house with full color branding and promotional opportunities. Made from eco-friendly materials, BriteVision sleeves fit your budget as well as help grow your business. Their stock and generic sleeves are ideal for the small or start up café. Prices are based on quantity and eco-friendly paper. Everything else is free. That includes creative support, full color printing, and even shipping. Fast turn around time means that you can get your sleeves in under a month.
BriteVision offers a CoffeeTalk special every month. So, check them out!
Contact Person: Don Scherer: don@britevision.com
2: Follett®: Chewblet® Ice
This ice is uniformly shaped pieces of chewable compressed nugget ice. It is higher in quality than other nugget ice and more reliably dispensed. While surveys show that 70 percent of consumers prefer Chewblet Ice, it is an important tool to have within your café. Iced coffee and blended beverages are becoming increasingly popular and you cannot have a perfect cup of iced coffee without the perfect ice.
This ice keeps the flavor profile of your coffee and will not taint with unfiltered water like other ice dispensers. This ice will keep your customers happy knowing that their ice coffee will be consistent every time, as will the ice nuggets swimming inside the cup!
Contact Person: Mike Rice: mrice@follettice.com
3: Aerobie®:AeroPress® Coffee & Espresso Maker
This maker is the smoothest, richest, purest, and fastest. It is the smoothest using the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure brewing yields rich flavor with lower acidity and without bitterness. The micro filter allows for grit free coffee- unlike other press-type coffee makers.
While other coffee makers drip hot water on the bed of grounds, over extracting at the center and under extracting at the edge, this one by Aerobie® uniformly extracts every time. In one minute, literally, you can enjoy a beautiful cup of brewed coffee.
Contact Person: Constance Adler: constance@aerobie.com
4: Lotus Bakeries: Biscoff Cookies
They don’t call it “Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee” for nothing! By adding these cookies to your retailer shelves, you are giving your customers an experience. Since 1932, Biscoff cookies have been Europe’s coffee break favorite. They complement cookies wonderfully. Your customers can enjoy a European experience in your shop.
These cookies are made with all-natural ingrediens, no artificial color, or artificial preservatives. There is 0 grams of trans fat per serving and 0 cholesterol. They are made with non-GMO ingredients, no nuts, and no animal by-products. The unique taste stems from the sugar’s caramelization during the baking process. A hint of cinnamon and other spices add that special something to Biscoff Cookies. For more information about their cookies and wholesale visit: foodservice@biscoff.com
5: Perka: Turning Occasional Customers into Loyal Fans
Perka puts your business right in your customers’ pockets. Reward your regular customers, create incentives to bring back new ones, and increase traffic during slow periods. Perka allows you to get personal with your customers and improve customer service to insure that your customers are continually happy. With special offers, your customers will want to come to your shop to redeem them.
Perka allows you to stay connected to customers, anywhere they are by an app on their phones. It is designed to work for anyone, but tailored to fit you. You can keep up and stay on top of things with the dashboard that gives you the big picture of the statistics. You can sign up on line for just $35 a month. Visit their webpage and check them out!
Contact Person: Rob Bethge:
6: Java Jacket®: Custom Prints
While JavaJacket® has been supplying retailers across the country with those paper sleeves to protect your hand from hot coffee, their custom print component is really the tool that every retailer needs. It is the perfect way to show off your logo and get brand recognition when the drinks are on the go. They offer up to 4 colors on their white or natural kraft paper, and up to 6 colors on their glossy claycoat paper.
Contact Person: Jay Sorenson:
7: Tightpac America Inc.: “Coffee” Labeled CoffeeVac Storage Container
This “coffee” labeled CoffeeVac keeps your delicious coffee fresh up to three times longer. The easy push button system allows the carbon dioxide gas to escape from your beans and does not let oxygen in! Designed with a wide mouth, CoffeeVac has a patented vacuum seal technology that works every time you open and close the container. Not to mention, these containers are BPA free.
Designed for 1 pound of beans or grounds, the CoffeeVac will easily fit into most cupboards, looks great on the counter, and is designed to last bean loads. Whether you are storing ground coffee or whole beans, you can taste the freshness. See your beautiful beans by purchasing the clear body style. This coffee storage container is truly one-of-a-kind.
Contact Person: Justin Marquis: tightpac@gmail.com
8: uVu Technologies: uVu Lids
uVu Lids provide an upgraded coffee experience for your customers and baristas alike. The unique design technologies ensure fewer spills and a better customer experience. The double inner seal and eyelet slots on the rim ensure the lid is on securely. Coffeehouses can also customize the look of their own lids with new colors like red and black. CoffeeTalk readers, contact us for a free sample in red or black.
Everyone benefits from the safety features that help prevent spills like the uVu windows. These windows are four holes along the rim that visually confirm he snug fit of the lid to the cup at a glance. Double Inner Seal grips both sides of the rim for a much tighter seal. Not to mention the lid’s Deep Reservoir helps save your favorite shirt from drip stains. Go to www.uvulids.com for more information.
Contact Person: Stefan Ebert: stefan@uvutech.com
9: oneVessel: Tritan®Mason Jars
The first item introduced in our fall collection is our single wall Tritan® Mason Jar with colored lid. The initial sales on this item have been through the roof! It’s a great cold size and a very popular shape- everyone loves a cool mason jar! Companies can choose the color lid that complements their own color scheme. It is a trendy way for retailers to have their consumers devour their favorite coffee beverage.
Contact Person: Erez Toker: sales@vesseldrinkware.com
10. Weldon Flavorings: Weldon Coffee Flavorings
Weldon Coffee Flavorings are pure liquid flavorings completely free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, creamers, powders, and syrups. Because they are not pre-sweetened, coffee lovers can enjoy flavored coffee unsweetened or sweetened to taste. They are the perfect and sensible way to serve flavored coffee. Just add 1 pump for each 4oz of coffee.
Customers finally have a choice. They no longer have to be satisfied with syrup flavored coffee or the flavor of the day. Weldon Flavorings provides quality unsweetened flavored coffee for customers who don’t want a lot of added calories or sweetness in their coffee. Customers can have their flavored coffee the way they like it, some days sweeter than others.
Contact Person: Brenda Weldon: bweldon@WeldonFlavorings.com
11: Maven Distribution Llc: Frizz Coffee
Maven Distribution is an importer and distributor of niche products. Located in Oregon, Maven Distribution strives to seek out unique products from around the world. Their newest discovery – Frizz Coffee.
Frizz Coffee is a sweet, bubbly, espresso soda produced in southern Italy. This small-batch soda has a simple ingredient list, yet a complex and rich flavor. Frizz Coffee is best enjoyed cold, and is delicious straight from the bottle. It can also be enjoyed poured over ice with half & half or cream.
Check them out online for more Frizz Coffee products and Maven Distribution Llc itself.
12: Gamila Products: Impress Coffee Brewer
A  single-cup coffee brewer to enjoy delicious, handcrafted coffee.
No waste or hassle of paper filters, electric mechanisms, or fussy plungers—just great coffee you can take with you. This is the perfect product for college students, camping or hiking, mom (or dad) on the go, and even just a single afternoon cup.
The aspect that really sets this brewer apart from others is its carry-ability, no troublesome components. You can press, brew, and drink from the entire device. Not to mention the fine coffee grinds easily wash out and can be poured down the drain of any bathroom, work facility, or kitchen.
13: American Barista & Coffee School: Business & Barista Training, Consulting, and Educational Materials.
The American Barista & Coffee School, [ABC’s] is the premier professional facility in the world for coffee business entrepreneurs who want to start up and operate a specialty coffee business. At ABC’s, we work hard to ensure that our entrepreneurial clients walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the retail coffee industry and the confidence to open their own successful coffee operations.
With more than 25 years of experience behind us and uncountable cups of coffee before us, American Barista & Coffee School knows coffee—and the coffee industry. More importantly, we know how to share our knowledge, experience and solutions to best help you create, build, and grow your specialty coffee business.
By calling 800-655-3955  you can receive $100 off any of their 5 Day Classes by mentioning CoffeeTalk $100 off.
Contact Person: Matt Milletto: matt@coffeebusiness.com
14: Costellini’s: White Chocolate Powder
Costellini’s, not only does it have a smooth creamy mouthfeel, but the barista’s love it because the powder dissolves instantly. It allows your choice of premium bean to come through. When others are masked with coffee or flavors stand alone, your signature drink that your patrons desire exudes quality, and consistency. Using your own superb choice of premium bean along with the power, your coffee will not taste like all the others down the street. It will put a spark in your coffee.
At the time of ordering, mention CoffeeTalk and receive 5 percent off of your first three cases.
Contact Person: Gina Costello: info@costellini.com
15: Wilbur Curtis Company: Curtis Gold Cup™ Single Cup Brewer
The Curtis Gold Cup™, an American-style, drip filtered coffee brewer that produces a perfect “Golden Cup” of coffee, every time. State-of-the-art components and G4 technology set this remarkable brewer apart from every other single cup machine.
The Curtis Gold Cup™ offers precise control over crucial variables that result in brewing a true SCAA standard Golden Cup of coffee. Instinctive touch screen and icon-driven interface provides users with enhanced programming options and seamless operation.
For more information go to: www.wilburcurtis.com/goldcupbrewer
Contact Person: Brant Curtis: bcurtis@wilburcurtis.com

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