Lessons for coffee managers, at TriestEspresso Expo

In agenda: high-level vocational training, bite-sized courses in business strategies

Profitable deals, “the business”, that is the strong point of TriestEspresso and of its collateral training events. Dedicated to managers and coffee entrepreneurs, these mini courses will make businesses more competitive, provide input and concrete tools to develop the sales network, optimize the costs of logistics, exploit the capacities of crowdfunding or the ones of lean roasting, just to cite some examples. This is one of the novelties of the seventh edition of TriestEspresso, the most important professional fair dedicated to expresso coffee worldwide, organized by Aries – Chamber of Commerce of Trieste with the collaboration of Assocaffè Trieste and the support of ICO – International Coffee Organization, to be held from 23 to 25 October for the first time in Trieste’s Porto Vecchio, Italy.

Vocational training remains a cornerstone of TriestEspresso’s agenda, but this year, along with the usual workshops and courses organized by the Speciality Coffee Association Europe – SCAE which aim to increase knowledge related to the coffee bean (sensory aspects, cup tasting, preparation techniques…), just as much attention will be paid to the vocational training of managers who operate throughout the production chain. An innovative form of training that aims to provide concrete tools to be put immediately into practice and to be taken advantage of with bite-sized free mini courses of about 60 minutes for visitors and exhibitors.

The logical thread of these mini business courses will be identifying innovative strategies with which to develop one’s business. Lean roasting, for example – one of the subjects covered – allows for the reduction of production costs, thus increasing margins. Also dedicated to finding means of increasing margins, is the mini course dedicated to e-procurement and the costs of logistics, which are often underestimated but have a very strong impact businesswise. And also, with reference to the web, the module on crowdfunding outlines how to find alternative sources of financing online, even for companies in the coffee sector. There will be in-depth examination on how to make your sales network more efficient and on the importance of choosing with care where to locate retail outlets on a foreign market: starting from large cities seems to be the obvious choice but it is not always the best according to the characteristics of one’s company. Also, a new perspective will be presented on how to develop new products and businesses, reflecting on value enhancing aspects in the coffee production chain. The full programme of events is available at www.triestespresso.it

New strategies for coffee entrepreneurs: bite-sized training.
The topics
• Do you know the coffee you are drinking? Find the answer in its DNA – Giorgio Graziosi
• Transporting coffee: new models of efficiency – Claudio Aldrigo
• Coffee and the new salesman: from travelling salesman to consultant – Lorenzo Cavalieri
• Evolution of purchasing tools in the world of coffee – Andrea Furlanetto
• Lean Office in the Food&Beverage sector – Marco Bonecher
• The strategic location of retail outlets. How to choose a high-capacity market – Fabio Massimo Parenti
• Crowdfunding in the knowledge age: success cases in the coffee industry – Walter Vassallo
• Production chains for the development of the territory and opportunities for the coffee cluster – Furio Suggi Liverani
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