8 Reasons Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Goes Great in Holiday Gift Guides

RENO, Nev. (Sept. 11, 2014) — ‘Tis the season for Holiday Gift Guides. Tim Curry’s Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee, craft roasted in small batches over an oak-wood fire, is just the right size, shape and flavor.

If you’d like to try a sample, just ask kris@biggestlittlegroup.com.

1. Coffee this complex satisfies the fussiest food snobs on your gift list. Tim coaxes notes of cinnamon, cherries and light brown sugar out of his signature blends. (For that particular combo, try the medium-roasted Panama.)

2. Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee has Coffee of the Month subscriptions, so your holiday gift can keep arriving on the doorstep all year.

3. These beans’ muted acidity inspires die-hard latte fans to suddenly adore black coffee.

4. Handy sampler packs (including one with all organically grown coffees) are perfect for showing your appreciation to employees, teachers, grandparents or, really, anyone.

5. Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee once got a 97-point rating from Coffee Review. They they sure don’t give out a 97-pointer every day! Hardly ever, to be exact. (It was the Kenya Nyeri AB Gichatha-ini Signature Series, which isn’t currently on the market, but you’ll notice ALL of Tim’s coffees are selected, blended and roasted to meet the highest standards.)

6. People say things like this a lot: “Once you’ve had coffee from Wood Fire, your coffee flavanoid buds will be ruined for all other coffee!” —S.H., actual customer

7. The Holiday Blend alone has won many a convert. Roasted over an apple-wood fire and offered only in November and December, it’s a rich, seasonal treat that’s perfect with pumpkin pie, just right after a special dinner, and great with breakfast.

8. It’s brewed by a passionate craftsman who couldn’t care less about trends but cares a lot about coffee. Tim can often be seen holding a steaming cup, pointing into it with enthusiasm, saying, “It’s what’s in here that matters!”

Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Press Photos – Credit: Digiman Studio

To learn more about Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee’s Coffee of the Month Club, sampler packs, and award-winning coffee beans, call 775-856-2033.



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