New technology in coffee roasting

Minneapolis, MN, USA- September 8, 2014– A small company in Minneapolis that manufactures specialized laboratory equipment has recently gained attention in the coffee industry.  Photovolt Instruments, has worked with local coffee roasters to develop the 580-PC roast color classification system, designed to measure roasted ground, whole bean coffee, or green coffee beans.

So how does it work?  The 580-PC is capable of taking color reflectance readings of your coffee sample and then providing you with the SCAA value.  The instrument has many programmable features such as; specific recipe memory, user inputs, on field calibration and all your readings are available on any smart phone or tablet within your facility.

Photovolt has showcased this product at the last SCAA show, with a lot of success.  “The machine is highly accurate, provides high cost savings and has unique features not available with any other product on the market”, says Photovolt’s President, Nick Jermihov.

The high accuracy readings are attributed to being NIST traceable, meaning the color value you are given  can be traced to the National Institute of Standards and Technologies, in Washington D.C.  Roast masters are finding it easier and easier to follow their roast profile and create consistent batches with the help of the 580-PC.  Most importantly the unit can be calibrated by the roaster to NIST standards within 1-2 minutes.

Photovolt Instruments has been in continuous operation since 1939, specializing in color analysis.  It is because of Photovolt’s 75 plus years of research and development that this state of the art product has become available to the coffee industry.  Photovolt works directly with customers to customize their units, making every 580-PC a perfect match for its roaster.

“Whatever your need or desire in a color classification system is, we can make it happen” says Alex Hildreth, Sales and Research Associate for Photovolt Instruments.  “I love being able to get to know how different roastmasters use the instrument.  I then take that information over to our software engineer and basically create the software around the needs of that roastmaster”, says Hildreth.

From its easy to use features, customizable options and attractive price, the 580-PC system by Photovolt Instruments is truly the roastmasters best friend.

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