New Coffee Startup Set to Shake Up the Single-Serve World

A new single-serve coffee startup is out to switch up your daily Nespresso® routine. Gourmesso is a Berlin, and now New York-based, coffee company making coffee capsules that are compatible with Nespresso machines.

Having first launched in Germany in 2013, Gourmesso® quickly became the number one online seller of alternative coffee capsules for Nespresso machines. After expanding to France, Spain, and the UK they set their sites on the US market. In February 2014 Gourmesso went online.


Gourmesso and the US Market

Gourmesso wants to attract those who are already Nespresso consumers who might be looking for a bit more variety in their espresso choices. The Gourmesso price difference is also attractive to consumers. Nespresso capsules are typically sold around $0.60 per capsule, while Gourmesso’s prices start at $0.45 per capsule. The company is also interested in Office Coffee Supplies and B2B partnerships.

The US based Gourmesso sells the same capsules it has available in Germany, which were featured on a televised, blind taste-test comparing Gourmesso capsules with the original Nespresso, and many other leading European competitors. The blind test resulted in Gourmesso being chosen first amongst all coffee capsules, even above Nespresso1. You can find the video, in German, here:


A Wide Variety of Coffee Choices

Being one of the few Nespresso alternative retailers in the United States, Gourmesso has worked hard to deliver a new and wide selection of coffee blends and flavors. Currently, Gourmesso offers 20 different espresso varieties made with coffee beans from around the world, from Central and South America, to Africa, India and Asia.

These blends include 10 different espresso blends, three lungo (long-pour) blends, six flavored blends, and one decaf option. The company also proudly offers one certified Fairtrade blend, and is working on receiving an official USDA Organic Certification.


Gourmesso’s Services, On and Offline

As stated on the companies website, Gourmesso offers “excellent customer service”, and the company works to provide quality service both before and after any sale. A qualified team is dedicated to answering all customer concerns and questions, as well as ensuring smooth order processing and shipment. All online orders are processed with a secure payment method, and are carefully packaged and shipped within 24 hours after purchase. The best way for customers to contact Gourmesso is by visiting the site at


Future Development

Although Gourmesso has only been online and available in the US since February of this year, the company has seen profitable numbers and is eager to continue gaining market shares and happy customers, both online and offline. For more information, please visit, or email us at

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