Lavu iPad POS Advances Localized Solutions for European Restaurants

iPad POS Developer Lavu Inc Announces New Partnerships Providing Specialized Hardware and Improved Regional Support for European Customers of Their Cloud-based Restaurant Management System

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Sept. XX, 2014 – Lavu Inc., makers of the original iPad Point of Sale (POS) system for restaurants, have announced plans to broaden their presence in Europe. New partnerships and integrations will offer solutions developed specifically for the European market. Increasing numbers of Lavu Specialists in countries such as Denmark, Germany, France, Spain and the U.K. will allow Lavu to provide onsite service to more potential customers.

“We already have hundreds of Lavu customers in Europe and have had a strong presence there for years” said Ben Harrison, SVP of Marketing with Lavu Inc. “What has improved, however, is our ability to provide hands-on personalized support from well-trained Specialists familiar with the needs and requirements of business owners operating in these countries. Bi-lingual Lavu representatives can provide translated documentation and support — which makes Lavu iPad POS an option for Non-English speaking entrepreneurs in European hospitality industries.”

“Whether the new Specialist resides in our hometown of Albuquerque here in the USA or in a country in Europe, training involves traveling to Lavu HQ for an extensive 2-day hands-on session,” reports Nate Miller, Specialist Trainer for Lavu Inc.  “New Specialists learn about how to setup a complete Lavu system for a variety of business types including Quickserve Layout for coffee shops, Open Tab Layout for pubs and nightclubs, and Table Layout with complete with tableside ordering for fine dining establishments.”

Unlike the United States, where most consumers use credit cards with magnetic strips and sign receipts to make purchases, Chip and PIN technology is the standard for payment processing overseas. New hardware integrations such as Bluetooth® printers and USB card readers will accommodate Chip and PIN for Lavu’s European customers.

Lavu executives, partners and local Certified Lavu Specialists recently hosted events in London and Copenhagen, which were attended by managers of local restaurant chains and hotels. Attendees asked questions about future development to members of Lavu’s upper management, gaining confidence and becoming Lavu customers on the spot.

“Lavu Executives attending Crunch IT’s launch event shows how deep Lavu is committed to this partnership,“ said Mathias Maimann, CEO Crunch IT. “The partnership has resulted in a thorough understanding of market needs, and the possibility of making useful integrations between Lavu iPad POS and third-party systems.”

Lavu’s upcoming partnership with Scottish company ResDiary, will help managers improve operations with integrated reservations management. Other benefits of this partnership will include localized marketing opportunities and increasing reservations using social media. ResDiary currently has users throughout Europe.

Other European partners include Spectu, makers of customer-facing electronic menu software that enables customers to place orders from their table and to improve contact with their servers. Lavu’s iPad POS captures Spectu orders in real time to manage receipts, kitchen tickets and notifications.

SilverStar Analytics provides analytics for transaction data and identifies fraud and incidents of theft which helps restaurant management control costs.

The Exchange from the U.K. makes interactive software that allows pub owners to turn their establishments into a liquid “stock market.” Drink order trends and prices are displayed as they rise or fall based on customer demand.

New regional partners and local certified Lavu Specialists are added frequently. Please visit to learn more.


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