Innovative Coffee Accessory is Hot

High School English Teacher, wife and mother of four, Traci Shuster, the founder of S6 Creations, recently launched the newest, innovative coffee accessory:  the Bikos coffee bag.  Made of burlap, Bikos serves as a decorative and functional way to store the Mylar coffee bag.  This product truly re-energizes an already booming coffee industry.

The coffee consumer purchases the Bikos bag, with a scoop already attached, and inserts the bagged coffee.  The front pocket serves as a holder for sweeteners or honey sticks.  The bag continues its function as a station next to the coffee pot, where it stays and holds all the needs for making and drinking the coffee.

For companies of all kinds, Bikos can be ordered as is or customized to fit the buyer’s wants. S6 Creations can place a company’s logo/design on the pocket and/or on the button.  Because many companies are associated with certain colors, Bikos can be ordered in different burlap colors with contrasting or matching scoops.

Bikos is manufactured at Douglas and Harper Manufacturers in Baxley, GA, USA.

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