The most valuable computer accessory of all is the one that can save you $1,000 or more

The Vector Cup Holder prevents computercide.


Freehand_30_black-lighter_coffee2West Hartford, CT—9/22/14—The Vector Cup Holder™ can prevent you from knocking over your hot coffee and killing your computer, or soaking your books, or burning your lap. (

This new device neatly solves the problem of where to safely put a beverage when most of the tabletop is occupied by your computer or your books. The Vector Cup Holder solves this dilemma by taking the beverage off the tabletop altogether.

The Vector Cup Holder securely grips table edges as thick as 1.5 inches, and holds a wide assortment of containers: from a huge, 30-ounce “Trenti” to a small airplane cup; from Thermos™ bottles to soda cans; from water bottles to mugs up to 3 inches in diameter.

By moving beverages off the table, the Vector Cup Holder also delivers the added benefit of freeing up “real estate” on cramped work surfaces like coffeehouse tables and airplane trays.

“My own experience of spilling hot coffee into my laptop,” Thier said, “gave me a kick to figure out a solution to how to drink and work simultaneously. I love working in Starbucks and other cafes but the tables there are usually too small to move a drink and laptop far enough apart.”

Thier points out that the Vector Cup Holder features one-hand operation. “You can deploy it with one hand while your other hand is holding your cup.”

The Vector Cup Holder retails for $50 and can be ordered at or at


Freehand_airline“I spilled hot chocolate on my MacBook Air. It started making a low sizzling noise and then the screen went snowy. At the Apple Store, they pronounced it dead. It was still wet inside. For $775, I could send it to California where they’d try to revive it. Might take 3 weeks. So, I decided to buy a new MacBook Air and that cost me $1100. However, if I’d spent $50 on a Vector Cupholder, I could have saved the $1100, the aggravation and the time lost.”

—PD, Maine


“Dear beautiful Ultrabook. I’m soooo sorry. I protected you from scratches and dents with a terrific case but forgot all about insidious coffee. Forgive me!”

                                                                         —RC, San Francisco

“This guy came into the Apple Store because he spilled juice on his MacBook. What he told me is God’s Honest Truth, something I swear happened ON MY MOTHER’S GRAVE: He claimed he tried to dry out his MacBook by PUTTING IT IN AN OVEN because his tech-expert friend told him to. So, he melted one of the keys. The look on that guy’s face was anger: at himself, at his friend, at the world.”

—MB, Illinois

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Vector Cup Holder or @ 860-989-2600. (

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