Starbucks Brings New Single-Origin Coffees to the Grocery Aisle

image001Starting this September, Starbucks is expanding its CPG coffee portfolio with three new single origin coffees – Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza, Rwanda Rift Valley, and Timor Mount Ramelau – available only where groceries are sold in the U.S. Crafted from beans sourced from one region within a single country, these three new coffees showcase the unique and distinctive characteristics from where they are grown.

Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza – This coffee thrives in the verdant highlands of the state of Santa Rosa, Guatemala, above Laguna de Ayarza – a double caldera lake formed thousands of years ago. Paired best with chocolate, citrus and cinnamon flavors, this medium-bodied and rich coffee is balanced with crisp notes as well as a sweet and chocolaty mouthfeel.

Rwanda Rift Valley – Located just two degrees south of the equator, Rwanda is a land-locked country with a lush green and hilly terrain. Specifically flourishing in the nutrient rich, volcanic soil of Rwanda’s Rift Valley this coffee has a medium body and medium acidity that showcases spicy dark-chocolate notes with hints of sweet citrus and heady floral aromas.

Timor Mount Ramelau – This coffee is cultivated near Mount Ramelau, a lush forested peak – East Timor’s highest – where the earth is well nourished and the weather is perfectly temperate. Displaying a medium body and medium acidity this smooth coffee has mild herbal spice notes and a roasty-sweet finish.

You can find these coffees where you buy groceries for $11.99 for a 10 oz pack of ground coffee. Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza and Rwanda Rift Valley coffees are also available in 10-ct K-Cup packs for $11.99, as well as 16-ct K-Cup packs for $14.99.

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