Merry Xmas with Handpresso!

unnamedAre you having a hard time coming up with gift ideas for Xmas ? Stop worrying!

Within the Handpresso portable espresso machine range there are plenty of  cool, original, trendy and high-end ideas! It is suited for those who love a good espresso and want to enjoy it anytime, anywhere! HANDPRESSO ANYWHERE!

And at Handpresso, there is something for everyone!

For backpackers, sports people or eco-friendly minds, do offer the portable fully manual espresso machine – Handpresso hybrid – working with standard espresso pods or ground espresso coffee. Black in its original version, it also comes in silver and white. And this year, colors are in at Handpresso with yellow and indigo versions to have a pinch of summer throughout the dark winter months! Beware: limited edition !

For drivers, you’d rather choose the 12V version of the machine with the Handpresso Auto which you plug into the cigarette lighter to prepare an espresso whenever you want or whenever the need arises. A useful present for the espresso-aficionados and those who do a lot of driving for leisure or for work.

Whether manual or electric, alone or in a full set, the espresso machines go with a series of specially designed accessories to optimize the coffee break outdoors (thermos flask with integrated thermometer, unbreakable cups, tamper, Domepod  case for ground coffee …).

Discover the fascinating  and far more extensive Handpresso world in our website and make your choice!

You will spoil your dear ones: once they have a portable espresso machine, they will never leave it behind !

So Merry Christmas … with Handpresso!

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