The London Tea Company

With over 10,000 products entered into The Great Taste Awards 2014 only a selected few are able to walk away with gold. This year The London Tea Company have joined the illustrious ranks after gaining gold for four products in the fully Fairtrade range.

The four award winning blends are:

London Breakfast

(15 Retail or 50 foodservice pyramid tea bags)

This bright and lively Fairtrade breakfast tea is a blend of rich malty Assam and a flavoursome Kenyan tea grown by smallholder farmers. This makes for the perfect breakfast brew.

Judges notes: A strong cup; good quality Assam and Kenyan teas. Bright with a good body.



(50 Foodservice pyramid tea bags)

Our Fairtrade Chunmee (珍眉) means Precious Eyebrows in its homeland China and is so called because each leaf is shaped like a perfect lady’s eyebrow. The taste of this pure green tea is fresh and clean.

Judges notes: Good mouth-feel and some astringency and bite. Bright & clean. 


Jasmine Green Tea

(50 Foodservice pyramid tea bags)

Specially selected Fairtrade Chinese green tea is layered with fresh jasmine flowers which impart their delicate aroma into the tea. The jasmine flowers are then removed from the tea leaving a light green tea with an exceptional floral flavour.

Judges notes: The Jasmine and (green) tea are well balanced.


Vanilla Chai

(15 Retail or 50 foodservice pyramid tea bags)

We have taken a high quality, second flush, Fairtrade Assam tea, grown on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, and the spices traditionally used to make an Indian Masala Chai and blended them together with creamy vanilla to create a thick and rich brew.

Judges notes: There’s some good tea behind this. Gentle flavours and some good heat.

Marcus Greig, Export Manager for The London Tea Company commented “We are delighted that the months of research and development work have resulted in award winning blends. Consumers have already commented on the improved taste and vibrant new packaging. Having an independent judging panel bestow one of the world’s most prestigious ‘food and drink’ awards upon four of our blends justifies all the hard work we have put into the new range.”

The full range of products from The London Tea Company includes envelope tea bags, biodegradable pyramid tea bags and loose leaf speciality teas, fruit and herbal infusions across retail and foodservice options. There is also a range of branded POS material such as table talkers, posters, branded display systems and window stickers to help you drive tea sales.

Full details of the exciting range of products from The London Tea Company can be found on their website For more information, to order or find your nearest distributor please contact The London Tea Company on +44 (0)207 802 3250 or email

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