New York City—September 2, 2015—Alpha Dominche, the leading producer of advanced coffee and tea brewing machines, will bring its acclaimed Steampunk technology to the 2015 New York Coffee Festival for the first time. New York City’s flagship coffee event is an ideal backdrop for Alpha Dominche’s cutting-edge machines, which can be found in specialty coffee and tea shops across the city.

Alpha Dominche will brew coffee from some of the world’s most notable roasters including Toby’s Estate, Nobletree Coffee, Brooklyn Roasting, Gregory Coffee, Irving Farm, Mojo Coffee and Ninety Plus Coffee on its signature machine, the Steampunk MOD2.1. The superior craft brewing technology of the Steampunk MOD2.1 delivers 40 perfect cups of coffee per hour.

“The New York Coffee Festival is not your typical tradeshow and coffee from our Steampunk is not your typical cup of joe,” said Alpha Dominche CEO Thomas Perez. “We look forward to bringing the Steampunk to the party and giving thousand of New York coffee lovers a chance to taste coffee at its best.”

The festival opens on Friday, September 25 to industry guests, and the general public is invited to join in the festivities and enjoy a perfect cup at the Alpha Dominche booth on Saturday September 26 and Sunday, September 27.

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