Take The EM Challenge!

Kelly Kowalski - PressImageThe Coffee Trust is launching The EM Challenge a fun and exciting awareness campaign to raise funds on behalf of coffee farmers to recover from the coffee rust fungus “la roya”, a plant disease that has wiped out up to 75% of coffee crops in rural regions of Guatemala. The EM Challenge asks participants to record a video of themselves drinking Effective Microorganisms or EMs, a powerful probiotic coffee farmers are using to eradicate the fungus. The great thing about EMs is they are organic and safe – so safe that you can drink them! The videos are used to challenge others to drink, or donate, or better yet, both! All proceeds go to The La Roya Recovery Project, a farmer-to-farmer development project to save coffee farms. Learn more, donate and take the challenge at www.emchallenge.com. Help us meet coffee retailer Dean’s Beans’ commitment of 5K in match funding to raise a goal total of 10K for coffee farmers and their families!

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