Flojet’s V-Jet Series: engineered to maximize machine up-time

Kathryn Kazan - FLOJET V-JetFlojet’s V-Jet pump heads are backed with the technology leader in beverage dispense’s 49 years of market experience.

The Flojet V-Jet low flow, high pressure positive displacement rotary vane pump head brings a novel plastic bodied pump head to market. This fresh design allows you to experience unrivalled reliability and a lower lifetime expenditure. The patented vane venting system replaces traditional technologies, providing high pressure when needed, and reduces vane wear when the supply feed is interrupted. The pump heads are designed for beverage carbonation, espresso/coffee machines, water dispensers, water boosts, and coolant recirculation systems.

Features and Benefits:

• Patented vane venting system
• High pressure capability
• Engineering plastic body allows reduction in SKU’s
• Zero brass content
• Adjustable bypass – high temperature if needed
• 50% of the weight of competitor pumps leading to reduced shipping costs • Cost effective filter solution for recirculation scenarios
• Drop–in replacement for existing clamp on rotary vane products

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