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Politics. YUK!

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted by this political season. HE said, SHE said, THEY said!  There are innumerable positions, contradictory points of view, and far too often, empty and sometimes vicious words thrown around with little regard for integrity or respect. Whether you are democrat, republican; for unification or against; one truth is clear: everyone is entitled to an opinion.

“Entitled,” something we hear a lot about when discussing Millennials. No not THAT kind of “entitled.” Or is it…

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

I’m entitled to my opinion is a logical fallacy in which a person discredits any opposition by claiming that they are entitled to their opinion. The statement exemplifies a red herring. Whether one has a particular entitlement or right is irrelevant to whether one’s assertion is true or false. Such an assertion, however, can also be an assertion of one’s own freedom or of a refusal to participate in the system of logic at hand.

YUP, right or wrong in so many situations is a matter of opinion. This brings us back to the concept: each of us has a right to our own opinion. This I truly believe! NO we do not need to agree! In fact, I don’t know anyone who would truly want to live in a world where everyone agreed on everything. BORING! And more than likely, a slow death to all from lack of innovation and even motivation to survive.

Debate is healthy. Debate is an effective tool in learning. Participants simply need to be willing and able to LISTEN and respect the right to different ideas.

BUT I still hate politics.

I hate uninformed people hurting each other in their quest to be RIGHT without regard for the right OWNED by each individual to their own opinion. Am I naive? Hell ya!

BUT I have hope! Never give up hope! I have hope that people like Rocky Rhodes will prevail. Please take a moment to read his article this month: “Can Coffee Save the World?

I loved his introduction: “To a viewer of the news it would appear that the world is on fire and we are all just circling the toilet bowl. Turmoil, terror, Brexit, and the US presidential race has created uncertainty, fear, and anxiety.” Doomsday? NO! We have the power to make the change, to be the difference! And it is just not that hard! Rocky goes on to tell us how WE (coffee people) can save the world. From his words…

• Respect the people you do business with

• Be ‘sustainable’ in all you do

• Be proud of both your country AND theirs

• Strive for better living conditions at all economic levels

• Use quality as the precursor of price discovery

• Nurture others.

• A rising tide raises all ships

• Trust each other

• Build Communities

• A hand up is always better than a hand out

• LISTEN to each other

So I encourage each of you to to consider his parting words…

“What is interesting is that the changes come from inside each of us, in how we choose to deal with others. Coffee people tend to choose wisely. Let us be an example to the world!”

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