New Barn Barista Almondmilk Coming To Allegro Coffee Bars Nationwide

New Barn, an upstart organic almond milk manufacturer based in Healdsburg, California, has been chosen as the national organic almond milk for all Allegro Coffee bars across the country. Allegro Coffee Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Whole Foods Market, operating coffee venues in most of the company’s stores.

Founded in 2015, New Barn currently sells organic AlmondMilk and AlmondCrème in Whole Foods Market nationwide. It is known for having simple, organic products, that meet the needs of many of the core natural foods shopper. Their Unsweetened Almondmilk, for example, features only four ingredients and was recently selected as the first Whole30 approved brand on the market. The new Barista Almondmilk is a product that comes after many months of working to develop a formula that could meet the demand of discerning customers like Allegro Coffee. This work included not only creating a short and easy to understand ingredient list, but also the size and feel of the bottle in the fast-paced coffee bar environment.

“We wanted to create an Almondmilk that was clean and organic, but also satisfy the demands of a professional coffee bar,” said Ted Robb, Co-founder and CEO of New Barn. “Our team worked for months with many professional baristas to develop a product with superior taste and performance to what is currently available”.

The company debuted prototypes of the original formula at the Specialty Coffee Association of America show in April of this year, sampling it to many leading coffee brands. New Barn claims the Barista AlmondMilk delivers superior mouthfeel and micro-foam, a technical term for the bubbles that appear when milk is steamed. The Barista AlmondMilk is also made with a much higher almond content, which helps it to perform well in both hot and iced drinks.

“We were very impressed with the taste and performance of the New Barn,” “New Barn Barista leapfrogs every other almondmilk barista blend in taste and performance,” said Elizabeth McCarthy, Director of Programs and Education for Allegro Coffee. “Many of our customers are looking for non-dairy options, and this new almond milk allows us to meet the growing demand for super-premium non-dairy alternatives good enough to pair with our specialty coffees in our bars.”

New Barn Barista Almondmilk will be rolling out to bars soon.

“We love supporting our supplier partners, and almond milk is certainly one of the most requested items in our bars”, said Allegro Director of Sales, Amy Jo DiMeglio. “Our team is very excited about the partnership with New Barn, especially because they first launched their products with Whole Foods Market in 2015.”

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New Barn offers four flavors of certified Organic and NonGMO Almondmilk and eight flavors of non-dairy frozen dessert AlmondCrème at Whole Foods Market and other natural foods retailers nationally. The company was founded by a group of friends who wanted a clean, organic almond milk that tasted like homemade and only used simple, organic ingredients. When they couldn’t find one, they decided to create one of their own.

With every product we make, our goal is the same: to create food that is real, and good for your whole family. This means being transparent with our ingredients, sourcing decisions, and truly valuing the people, animals, and environments who help create our products.

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Allegro Coffee Company was founded in 1977 in Boulder, Colorado. It is one of the first certified organic roasters in the country. Whole Foods Market acquired Allegro in 1997; since then Whole Foods Market has offered Allegro’s coffee as its signature house roast. Allegro has earned national praise, including first place in a blind taste test of Allegro’s Organic Continental Blend conducted by Consumer Reports’ ShopSmart Magazine, for whole bean roasts.

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