Sweetbird S’mores Syrup

Autumn is well and truly here and Sweetbird has celebrated the turn of the seasons by launching a brand new S’mores Syrup. It has all the flavours of your favourite campfire treat; milky chocolate, toasted marshmallow and biscuity graham cracker. It’s as versatile as it is delicious, making a great addition to lattes, hot chocolates, milkshakes or frappés.

S’mores maybe more traditionally enjoyed through the summer months on camping adventures, but Sweetbird S’mores Syrup means you can enjoy the flavour all winter long in your favourite hot beverages and no campfire is necessary. All you need is two pumps added to your hot chocolate, latte or cappuccino before you top with steamed milk, and voila a delicious cup of American nostalgia. With bonfire night around the corner, now is the time to get it bedded into your winter menu.

Like the rest of the Sweetbird range, S’mores Syrup is 100% free from fructose corn syrups, artificial colours and GMOs and is approved for vegans and vegetarians by The Vegan Society. If you didn’t want S’more, we bet you do now.

The new Sweetbird S’mores Syrup is available to order from 19 September and is available in 1lt bottles.

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