Eight O’Clock Coffee Introduces Three Innovative Coffee Blends: Each Created for an Enhanced Coffee Experience

Eight O’Clock Coffee, America’s original gourmet coffee brand, introduces three innovative coffees that deliver a new coffee-drinking experience for consumers. Debuting this summer, Eight O’Clock’s Infusions line features two new varieties of coffee; Alert and Relax. In addition, a new 100% Brazilian Breakfast blend join’s Eight O’Clock’s traditional line.

Eight O’Clock’s Infusions line blends unique ingredients to its treasured coffee to deliver an enhanced coffee experience whether you’re looking for a hi-caffeine boost or a relaxing, decaffeinated blend.

Infusions Alert is a premium full-bodied 100% Arabica coffee that is medium roasted for a full-bodied bold, robust flavor. Gently blended with caffeine and guarana, ALERT offers consumers a way to brighten their day with a hi-caffeine blend. Guarana is rich in caffeine and is a popular ingredient in energy drinks and teas.

Infusions Relax is a premium, medium-bodied, decaffeinated 100% Arabica coffee blended with chamomile and lavender cuts. The lavender and chamomile in Relax subtly complement the taste of the coffee. Lavender and chamomile are familiar aromas and flavors associated with tranquility making Relax the perfect coffee to enjoy when taking time out to relax.

For those who drink coffee throughout the day, 100% Brazilian Breakfast serves up an unparalleled smooth experience.

100% Brazilian Breakfast was created for coffee drinkers whose stomachs prefer a less acidic, blend. The variety contains 100% Brazilian Arabica Coffee beans that are sourced from the Cerrado Minas Gerais region in Brazil. With a soft-bodied, less acidic cup profile, this variety is perfectly suited for multiple-cup coffee drinkers.

“Consumers today are drawn to products that provide an enhanced experience – these extensions to the Eight O’Clock family are truly unique and disruptive in the coffee aisle,” said David Allen, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Tata Global Beverages USA.

Eight O’Clock’s Infusions line and 100% Brazilian Breakfast will roll out nationally this summer. The product launch will be supported by a multi-market experiential sampling and publicity tour during the fall.


About Eight O’Clock
Part of the Tata Global Beverages family of brands, Eight O’Clock Coffee is America’s original gourmet coffee, brewed with passion for over 150 years. Made with 100% Arabica beans, Eight O’Clock Coffee features a full line of great tasting gourmet coffees in whole bean and ground form, with fourteen varieties and blends ranging from light to dark roasts. Eight O’Clock Coffee sources its high-quality coffee beans from the world’s best origins, then expertly blends, roasts and packages them at its facility in Landover, MD. Headquartered in Montvale, NJ, Eight O’Clock Coffee products are available at most U.S. retailers where groceries are sold. For more information, visit www.eightoclock.com.

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