Producer Profile: Single Origin Specialty Coffee (SHB)

Name of Farm
Arabica Variety
Type of Processing/Milling
Altitude in Meters Above Sea Level
Cafe con Amor
Costa Rica
Cañuelas, Naranjo – West Valley
Villa Sarchi, Caturra, Geisha
Honey, Semi Washed, Sun Dried
Other Cupping  Notes
Sweet, Dry, Fruit Honey, Almond, Chocolate
Clean Medium Body
Bright and Balanced
Semi Washed: Bittersweet chocolate up front, sweet and savory cranberry finish. Honey process: Floral and dried fruit aroma, sweetness of brown sugar and nougat.

The story of Cafe con Amor began 2 years ago and 3190 miles away from Costa Rica. Jon, a Nebraska native and Marianella, from Costa Rica, met while attending the University of Nebraska. After earning their degrees, Jon followed a career in college athletics while Marianella began a corporate career. Enjoying the American Dream, life was good, but their adventurous spirit and deep desire for a new challenge drove them to dream big. After careful planning, they left their successful careers and comfortable lifestyle and purchased a coffee farm in the mountains of Naranjo, Costa Rica. Embracing the risks and challenges of what lay ahead, they set out to listen, labor and learn, in hopes of carving their own small niche in the wonderful world of specialty coffee. Rolling up their sleeves, alongside the professional expertise of their coffee engineer, Adrian, and the 40 yeas of hard-earned wisdom of their loyal farm worker, Chevo, the team began to pursue the best coffee growing practices with the goal to produce the best coffee possible.

“We value hard work, genuine relationships and a relentless commitment to quality”, says Jon. Our goal is to utilize our skills to connect with Roasters who appreciate the same values. On the other hand, we want to help other farmers obtain better pricing for their beans, so we created Farmers Project, an initiative based on direct relationships and trust. This is a team approach, explains Marianella, it encompasses learning together, sharing best practices, and exporting our coffee as a group, guaranteeing 100% of the chain of custody of the fruit of our labor, our precious beans. A farmer’s goal should not just be about being “sustainable”, it should be about being successful, after all that is what we all aim for in life, and farming should not be any different. The Josts, are passionate about coffee farming, learning and helping others. The journey has been long and filled with challenges as well as rewards, but we are glad to have embarked in this coffee journey, says Marianella, because the future for Café con Amor is looking very bright.

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