RISE Brewing Co. Creates Two New Natural Flavors

RISE Brewing Co. Creates Two New Natural Flavors

RISE Brewing Co. soared to success with their signature Nitro infused black coffee.

At first they were just wanting to make waves in the coffee market. But with their rapid success, they began to see it wasn’t just coffee drinkers craving a RISE, it was those 4:00pm  energy drink users, or the 11:00am get-me-through-this-board-meeting-user, and the 8:00pm martini mixer.

RISE was beginning to cross over in both the energy and coffee categories.

Hence the launch of their seasonal, nitro cold brew coffee drinks.

Nitro Lemonade Coffee and Nitro Blood Orange Coffee.

Their Nitro Lemonade Coffee is cold brewed with freshly-squeezed, organic lemons. It’s a nitro coffee-infused drink similar to a lemonade-iced tea blend. It screams late summer baseball games, picnics at the beach, and your childhood memories at the lemonade stand… but with a smooth, caffeine fix for adults. Their Nitro Blood Orange Coffee is cold brewed with freshly-squeezed, organic blood oranges – envision stopping by your favorite, local farmstand one morning for a refreshing, yet sophisticated, nitro-coffee-infused blood orange juice. The taste is quite unique. The first sip will give you a flirtatious tongue bite with the following sips proving to be quite delicious.

These two new flavors may feel familiar to a tea drinker flirting with idea of becoming a RISE fan.

In keeping with RISE’s Origional Black nitro cold brew coffee, they are organic, non-gmo, low in organic sugar, and kosher. No preservatives. Nothing artificial.

“Just like when we started in our NYC apartments two years ago, our goal has always been to make high-quality, great-tasting beverages with the healthiest ingredients we can source,” said Co-Founder, Hudson Gaines-Ross.

Both flavors can be found on the shelves next to their Original Black, nitro cold brew coffee.

“This is an exciting time for RISE!” said Co-Founder and CEO, Grant Gyesky, “adding to our SKUs in the beverage industry has taken time. We wanted to be precise in what we were offering as a company, especially when we were approaching two very different markets.”

Gyesky said he and Gaines-Ross wanted to not only keep their growing current customer base excited but also expand to new customers with these new products.

“It’s worked,” he said. “We are very pleased and beyond grateful with the demand we’ve received so far.”

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