Filter Concept Celebrating 15 Years of Success in the Filtration Industry

According to studies, when almost half of the businesses or start-ups wrap up within five years down the line,after their commencement and only one-third make it to run for ten years, the ones’ still holding on to it by making it a profitable venture, needs be lauded. Of the many companies, one such company based in Ahmedabad, India, which dreamt of making it big someday, has been successfully running and serving the nation since fifteen years now.

Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd., dealing with manufacturing of filters and the related products and accessories, had a vision which has helped it to carve a path out for itself.Founded by Mr. Mehul Panchal in the year 2002, with a nominal beginning at the backyard of his house, with a meagre amount of Rs.10,000/- in hand, Filter Concept has been successful in establishing itself as a household name for some of the biggest companies of the nation today.

The purification process is indeed a major requirement for almost all the industries and to do that filters are required. Filters help to strain out the impurities off a substance and make it fit for further usage. Be it any industry like-Aeronautics, Automobiles, Ceramics, Dairy, Food and beverages, Edible Oil, Electronics, Mining, Paints and Inks, Pharma and Biotech, Power Plant, Refineries, Sugar Industry, Water Treatment, Aerospace, Defence and Marine, Cement, Chemicals, Electroplating, Fertilizers, Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Pipe, Pulp and Paper, Steel Industries or Textile, filters are a mandatory part to get all of them going. Understanding the need for the purification process, the company has vowed to provide filtration solution and help the industries as well as the nation to grow.

Manufacturing standard products and also customized ones, Filter Concept has a platter on offer with filter products for air, gas and liquid, providing micron and macron filtration.Filter products like Cartridge and Bag Filter Housing, Auto Back Wash Type Self Cleaning Filter Housing, Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges, Oil Adsorbing Filter Cartridges, Carbon Bags, Water Absorbent Bags, Iron Removal Filter Bags, Pulse Jet Dust Collection System, Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters, Hydraulic and Lube Oil Filters, Metering Skid Filtration Systems among others can be found here.

Quality is of utmost priority here and in order to serve better the company invests in heavy research and development. Maintaining international design and standards, the quality control department ensures that the products are of superior class before they are out in the market.Nonetheless, the products ensure customer satisfaction, as the company believes in building relations. A sizeable share of praise goes to its professional experts who have helped reach the company to new heights.

Adding value to the lives of millions through the work, it has proved itself to become a trustworthy accompaniment for all the major Indian companies including ONGC, IOCL, HP, Tata, Reliance, BARC, ISRO, Mahindra, Adani, BHEL, Hero, L & T, Bharat Petroleum, GAIL, Sail, NTPC, Torrent, Siemens, Asian Paints, Gujarat Gas etc.But the list does not end there.

Apart from capturing indigenous market, Filter Concept is equally well-known internationally.It operates through a wide chain of dealers and distributors. Hence, filter products and equipment are also exported to various countries including, USA, Canada, Italy, Russia, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, Hong Kong, UAE and many more such countries covering all the seven continents.

Filter Concept is the proud owner of a number of awards, both by the state govt. as well as by the national govt., some of which includes- Award for Implementing Innovative Concepts in the Filter Manufacturing Sector in 2011, National Industrial Excellence Award in 2012, Award for Product and Process Innovation in 2014, among others. The awards, accolades and recognition have surely been a great booster of energy, enthusiasm and motivation for the company.

What makes Filter Concept different is that, despite tasting success in itswork; the company has not shown a cold shoulder to the needs of the society. It engages in the development of society on humanitarian groundsto make it a little better place for everyone. With its noble contribution towards the under-privileged, child education, environmental issues and else, the company plays its part to find solace through the betterment of the greater good.

The journey from the backyard of the house to becoming the proud owner of two offices, three production units and one warehousehas been that of a proud one. Delivering standard quality filtration products by keeping the customers’ need in mind, Filter Concept has been able to build a reputation in the filtration industry by being a reliable sourceandgoing strong for fifteen long years and for still more years to come in future.

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