Coffee Enterprises Announcement

We are pleased to announce a streamlining of our company operations and communications. All business, technical, and consulting services are now consolidated using the Coffee Enterprises company name. All our webpages will now redirect automatically to Our goal is to better serve our clients and the coffee & tea industries more effectively by communicating with one voice. Our services include:

• Legal Services – Coffee Enterprises, Hot Beverage Legal Consulting
• Business Consulting – Coffee Ed, GSP Good Sensory Practices
• Business Consulting – Coffee Ed Quality Auditing & Laboratory Operations
• Business Consulting – Coffee Ed Farm To Cup Training
• Business Consulting – Coffee Ed Coffee Sourcing Training
• Business Consulting – Coffee Ed Private Label Solutions
• Roaster Resources – Coffee Analysts, Green Coffee Testing
• Roaster Resources – Coffee Analysts, Roasted Coffee Testing
• Roaster Resources – Coffee Analysts, Single-Cup Services
• Tea Testing – Tea Analysis, Loose Tea Testing
• Tea Testing – Tea Analysis, Bag, Sachet & Single-Cup Analysis
• FlavorActiV – Calibration Programs and Flavor Standards

Our emails have been updated to, however our prior email addresses for @coffeeanalysts, @coffee-ent, and @coffee-ed will still work and will be delivered to us.

We have consolidate our webpages together to coordinate all our capabilities in one place. Our new social media:, & Our Skype is now: Coffee Enterprises.

Thank you for your continued support.

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