Hotel RL Offers Free Coffee on National Coffee Day

This National Coffee Day (9/29), caffeine connoisseurs can head to their local Hotel RL to savor a free, flavorful handcrafted coffee made with premium roasts from Victrola Coffee.

Additionally, Hotel RL Olympia will play host to a Victrola Latte Art Throw Down on September 28 on its Living Stage – a “signature moment” in Hotel RLs that acts as a forum for a variety of performers, from spoken word speakers to activists to hands-on demonstrations, to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. Local baristas will vie for the chance to be crowned the ultimate latte artist and a two free nights at a Hotel RL of their choosing.

Further, guests can stop in during the month of September to partake in BINGO. Winners receive a 1 lb. Bag of Victrola beans.

Known as Seattle’s most distinguished coffee roasters, Hotel RL has offered complimentary Victrola Coffee drinks since the debut of the Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor in 2015. With a community-centric mindset, RLH Corporation- the company behind the Hotel RL brand, decided not to include instant, in-room coffee makers in the guestrooms. Rather, it established an elevated coffee experience for visitors by including a cafe in the lobby of all the Hotel RL properties, offering guests a chance to interact, sharing stories and ideas.

Together with Victrola Coffee, Hotel RL is changing guests’ expectations, making travel #WorthIt.

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