Teatulia Organic Teas Launch In Three Major Retailers

Fans of great-tasting tea can now find Teatulia – the award-winning, Denver-based organic tea company – on the shelves of Stop & Shop, Cash Wise and Coborn’s.

In August, the popular tea company launched its crowd favorite – Teatulia Energy – in 400 Stop & Shop locations across New York and New England. Shortly thereafter, the brand introduced its full classic lineup – including Black, Green, Jasmine Green, Earl Grey, Lemongrass and Chamomile, as well as Teatulia Energy – at Cash Wise and Coborn’s locations, marking its first foray into major Midwestern retailers.

“Our business is selling tea, but our passion is changing the world,” said Linda Appel Lipsius, CEO and Founder of Teatulia. “Our continued retail expansion means we get to cultivate another plot, employ hundreds more women and further restore the environment while delivering DELICIOUS tea to new consumers across America!”

People who drink Teatulia use words like “clean” and “fresh” to describe the beverage. That’s because the teas and herbs are sourced directly from the company’s USDA-certified organic tea garden in Northern Bangladesh – and other like-minded gardens – and are never touched by chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Teatulia’s Energy line is powered by Eleuthero Root and is enjoyed cold or hot, year-round, all day long.

Teatulia’s garden-to-cup teas not only taste good, but they also do good for the land, its people and the environment. To find everywhere Teatulia is sold, visit teatulia.com/locations.

Teatulia: Let the tea flow. Let the land flourish. Let the people thrive.

About Teatulia Organic Teas
Teatulia is named for the region in Northern Bangladesh where its tea is grown. Named one of the “25 Most Innovative Consumer Brands for 2015” by Forbes, Teatulia cultivates its teas using only natural farming methods. Its garden-direct sourcing means the teas don’t sit in long-term warehouse storage or wait around to be blended by a third party. This results in great-tasting teas that are better for the land, its people and the environment. Teatulia is mindful of how its actions impact worldwide communities and actively supports ethical organizations like the Whole Planet Foundation, Rainforest Alliance and B Corporation. Teatulia is proud of its exquisite, clean and smooth-tasting teas that support education, business and health initiatives as well as demonstrate a thorough commitment to sustainability. For more information, visit teatulia.com or call 1.888.860.3233. Like Teatulia Organic Teas on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

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