IIC Introduces Tomorrow’s Kitchen Single Tea Server

IIC Introduces Tomorrow’s Kitchen Single Tea Server

International Innovation Company has introduced a new Single Tea Server from its Tomorrow’s Kitchen brand.

According to the company, the tea server is designed to make a flavorful, mess-free cup of tea in minutes. It comes attached to a plastic saucer that is designed to stay cool to the touch.

To use the server, a consumer can scoop the desired amount of loose tea into the stainless-steel, perforated infuser and then snap the infuser onto the saucer-shaped base. Next, the tea server is flipped over into a cup or mug of hot water to let the tea leaves steep for a few minutes or until the desired intensity of tea flavor is reached. The server allows the leaves to flow around inside the tea infuser to create a more robust flavor, said the company. The infuser works with all loose-leaf teas as well as herbs and spices.

The Tomorrow’s Kitchen Single Tea Server has a suggested retail price of under $10.

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