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Yumchaa launches colour-changing tea Blue Voodoo Magic Tea | Daily Mail Online

The unicorn and mermaid food trends have seen a demand for bright but naturally coloured drinks and dishes.

So it’s no surprise then that a new colour-changing tea that turns from blue to purple before your eyes has become a viral hit.

Yumchaa sold out of its Blue Voodoo Magic tea – which costs £5.50 for a 60g of tea leaves – within weeks of first launching it.

And now it’s proved so popular that it’s selling faster than the brand’s most popular tea, the classic Earl Grey.

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Blue Voodoo Magic: Colour changing tea with Blue Pea flowers
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Yumchaa’s Blue Voodoo Magic tea changes from blue to purple when you add a squeeze of lemon juice due to the acidity in the fruit

The tea doesn’t contain anything artificial, and gets its bright blue hue from dried blue pea – otherwise known as butterfly pea – flowers.

The colour-changing sorcery works when you add a squeeze of lemon to the brew.

The transformation caused by the acidity in the fruit is due to the blue pea flowers’ sensitivity to pH levels.

The tea has become a hit amongst clean eating fanatics, as the infusion contains immune system-boosting ingredients such as goji berries, lemon grass, and green tea.

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Yumchaa has picked up on the unicorn and mermaid food trends by launching its colourful tea

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The tea is an infusion of green tea, goji berries, lemongrass, pomegranate seeds, cornflower blossoms and blue pea flowers – which gives the drink its distinctive colour

‘We trialled our blue tea blend ‘Blue Voodoo’ as an experiment, but we were not prepared for how popular it would be,’ said Yumchaa’s managing director Josh Mordecai.

‘It’s been the fastest selling tea in our company’s 10-year history. It’s been our best seller and we completely sold out after just a few weeks.’

Yumchaa’s tea blending expert Chloe O’Hare-Carroll added: ‘We chose ingredients to compliment the earthy flavour of the blue pea flower and optimise its health benefits.

‘Lemon grass and goji berries add a touch of sweetness and also boost the immune system. The tea can be enjoyed hot or iced, but we recommend serving it cold, with a slice of lemon on the side. It’s very refreshing.’

Blue pea flowers are native to Thailand and other parts of South East Asia. They ave been ascribed medicinal qualities in Balinese culture and are used in Thai and Malaysian cooking.

‘While this tea is not new, it’s becoming more popular as the health benefits of the flower have come to light,’  explained Mr Mordecai.

They’re very high in antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties and may enhance memory and brain function.’

The tea is available at seven of Yumchaa’s cafes in Soho, Tottenham Street, King’s Cross, Camden Market, and Camden Parkway but they are also sold by the bag online with worldwide delivery.


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