Brazillian Specialty Farm Daterra Coffee Promotes Auction Of Microlots

Brazilian specialty coffee grower Daterra will host their 5th microlots auction in November 21.
The select lots feature exotic characteristics that are uncommon for the brazillian coffee, along with new and rare varietals like Laurina, Aramosa and Catigua.

The microlots were processed in an experimental unit and most lots went through the semi-carbonic maceration – a winemaking process now applied to coffee. This technique brings out very intense flavors of fruits, flowers and bright acidity. In their 2016 auction, the lot Maria, processed with the same technique, broke the price record in history of Brazilian coffees. Eight out of the ten lots in 2017 auction were processed with the same technique that made Maria famous.

Daterra chose brazillian ancient mythology as their theme, inviting cuppers to explore native legends and tales while tasting the very best coffees from Daterra’s 2017 crop.

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