Buhler, Inc. introduces RoastMaster™20 to North America.

Innovative roasting technology now available for the artisan micro-roaster. Bühler, Inc. Introduces RoastMaster™20 batch coffee bean roaster to North America.

Plymouth, MN, U.S.A.; October 2012 – In partnership with Italian based, Petrocini Impianti SpA, Bühler now covers the entire range of coffee production. Previously available only to large-scale, industrial processors, Bühler’s introduction of the small batch RoastMaster20 offers its innovative processing technology to micro-roasters, coffee shop owners and supermarkets.
The RoastMaster20 has the ability to roast a minimum weight of 5kg to a maximum of 20kg, without affecting the cup quality. In addition, with the modulating burner and specialty recipe steps in controlling the hot air temperature, the roaster operator is able to develop specialty roasting profiles to further optimize the specific coffee flavor of origin – perfect for testing new roasting recipes and products and allowing flexibility for the roaster operator. The RoastMaster20 control system has the ability to set recipe parameters for up to 99 recipes and program safety features to protect operator and equipment. Main features proven include hot-air drum roasting system, high proportion of convective heat transfer, energy efficiency due to optimal bean distribution in the drum space and high flexibility for producing varied samples.
About Bühler
Bühler offers innovative solutions and sets worldwide standards in the production of coffee processing equipment. Accounting for factors such as product quality, process efficiency, flexibility, and economy, the entire spectrum of processing stages are optimally coordinated from green handling, to roasting to grinding. In addition, Bühler offers complete process solutions such as turn-key installations, engineering support, roasting technologies, and state-of-the-art coffee process equipment to further enhance the cup quality.
For more information on the new RoastMaster20™ please contact:
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