Coffee Bean Direct Dishes on the World of Tea with Tattle Tea

-Tattle Tea Offers a Wide Selection of Hand-blended from all Over the World-

Frenchtown, N.J. (October 2, 2013)Coffee Bean Direct, a leading purveyor of gourmet coffee and tea, is excited to announce the launch of its new brand Tattle Tea. Part of the brand’s launch is a new dedicated website devoted to providing customers with tea from all over the globe and expert information about the beverage. While Coffee Bean Direct has been supplying tea drinkers with their favorite beverage for years, Tattle Tea now expands on the company’s already extensive tea offering, carrying an even wider selection of truly unique teas and blends at the best price possible.
“It is our goal at Tattle Tea to remove the misperception that tea is a complicated drink, and show the country that they can easily enjoy a great tasting cup of tea with no fuss,” commented Anthony Borthwick, Tea Expert at Tattle Tea. “We’ve discovered that many people out there are intimidated by tea, but we don’t think there is anything to be scared of. Our motto at Tattle Tea is ‘Fear not, it’s just leaves and water’. We want to show people that with the right tea leaves, hot water and a few simple tips, anyone can easily make the perfect cup of tea right at home.”
Tattle Tea offers over 90 varieties of tea from all over the world including never-before-seen blends and flavors. At the site, tea drinkers can find a selection, black, green, white, oolong, herbal and decaf teas and flavors are available every variety. Flavors include everything from all-natural Earl Grey black tea, to Moroccan Heat—Moroccan Mint green tea blended with spices including Mombasa pepper, to Mango Mimosa white tea, ensuring that every tea drinker can find the perfect tea for them. Tattle tea also offers limited-time seasonal flavors so consumers have the ideal tea for every occasion.
To help drinks brew the best cup of tea possible, Tattle Tea is supplying consumers with an array of tea infusers, strainers and accessories. They are also offering tips on tea measurements, water temperature, and steeping times for tea steeping perfection and to prevent over steeping—a common problem with home brewing.
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About Coffee Bean Direct
Coffee Bean Direct is on a mission to help save the world from stale, over-priced coffee and tea. The company, established in 2004, has assembled a team of over 30 “heroes” in their Hunterdon County, NJ headquarters to help accomplish their mission. Coffee Bean Direct offers more than 100 varieties of coffee, the vast majority of which are roasted within 24 hours of being shipped, and 70 varieties of hand-blended teas. The team has devised a line of innovative and never-before-seen products to help them in their fight, including smoked coffee, maple bacon flavored coffee, and green tea spiked with Mombasa pepper. With their diverse and inventive product line, strong commitment to customer service, and unique company culture, Coffee Bean Direct is improving the world’s coffee and tea drinking experience, one cup at a time. For more on Coffee Bean Direct visit

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