Knouse Foods Expands Its Line of Musselman’s® Single-Serve Apple Sauces

Size Available for Every Foodservice Operation Need; Rebate Offer for 6 oz. BIG CUP

Musselman's Single Serve Apple Sauce Full LineSeptember 30, 2013—Knouse Foods, an established grower-owned fruit cooperative, has expanded its line of Musselman’s® Single-Serve Apple Sauces to include three new convenient sizes, 2 oz., 4.5 oz. and 6 oz., to fulfill the evolving needs of foodservice. The classic 4 oz. cup is also still available. The single-serve apple sauces are ideal as a nutritious complement to any meal or as a to-go convenience offering for commercial restaurants and non-commercial operations.
Known for its exceptional flavor, Musselman’s Apple Sauce is made from 100% American-grown apples. All varieties are gluten free and have a 24-month shelf life.
Additional benefits specific to each product format include:
· 2 oz. Unsweetened Apple Sauce Cup – NEW
Convenient for healthcare/medication pass and daycare/K-12 after-school care because of the smaller portion.
· 4 oz. Available in many flavors
Proven to satisfy as either a snack or side dish to any meal.
· 4.5 oz. Unsweetened Apple Sauce Cup – NEW
Ideal for the K-12 segment and commercial restaurants offering Kids LiveWell menu offerings as it meets the new USDA guidelines for a full serving of fruit.
· 6 oz. Available in three flavors (Original, Unsweetened and Cinnamon) – NEW
Named the BIG CUP, it is the perfect size for adults and growing kids who crave more to eat (rebate available through the end of the year).
“Our Musselman’s Single-Serve Apple Sauce products are in high demand because foodservice chefs and operators are seeking more nutritious, convenient offerings for their customers,” said Todd Michael, Foodservice Sales Director for Knouse Foods. “By expanding our line with new sizes and formats, it will better meet the different needs of commercial and non-commercial operators who want to increase incremental sales and expand menu offerings to keep patrons coming back.”
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Knouse Foods is an established grower-owned fruit cooperative and food processor for apple and fruit related products. The cooperative includes fruit growers in the Appalachian region of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the Mid-West. Known for its environmental stewardship, Knouse Foods is committed to ensuring all of its products meet the highest standard for taste, quality and consistency. Product brands include Musselman’s® and Lucky Leaf®. For more information, visit

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