Expand Your Frozen Beverage Offerings With The Bold Flavor Of Jet™ Smoothie Mixes And Bases

Jet SmoothieOffer patrons the just-picked fruit flavor they crave with Jet™ smoothie mixes and bases. Made with all-natural ingredients and stored in shelf-stable aseptic packaging, Jet makes creating a variety of premium frozen beverages simple—just pour over ice and blend. Always serve something cool with Jet Real Fruit Smoothie and Blended Beverage Mixes, available in bold flavors like strawberry, lemonade and mango. Cater to health-conscious consumers with Jet non-fat yogurt smoothies, and enhance signature frappes with a dairy blended beverage base. Buy any commercial grade blender, and get three free cases of product or earn up to $300 cash back. For more information, visit mydrinkworks.com/Jet or call 1-888-676-3832.

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