At the Asachimici stand

Host 2013
A novel test: espresso from a clean machine and from a dirty one
There is a difference; you can taste it!
A full range of products, lots of practice and culture: this is the rich “package” that Asachimici is offering at Host. For filter machines and small espressos, there is the new descaling Descaler.
pulyCAFF DescalerWhat effect does a dirty espresso brewer and grinder have on the quality of espresso ? At Host, Asachimici invites visitors to “taste” the difference at its stand at the Villaggio del Caffè, hall 18. Here there will be an espresso brewer and a grinder, which are going to be cleaned every day (as well as the steam spout), while another brewer, steam spout and grinder won’t be cleaned for a few days Filters (after 3-3.5 kg of coffee, 22 to 25% of the holes is plugged), gaskets, but above all the result in the cup, are proposed as the best proof of the actual benefits that daily cleaning of the equipment provides to those who love good espresso and want to offer it without decreasing the quality of an excellent raw material. Not to mention that periodically cleaned brewers live longer. The invitation is, therefore, to taste “the coffee served at the worst bars”, where quality – and then cleaning – is not taken into consideration, and verify that putting into practice the “fifth M” , that is Maintenance, is simple and not expensive. In order to prove this, pulyCAFF, has prepared a small handbook which explains why, when, and how, to clean the coffee equipment, which products to use and in what quantities, and the operating procedures, finally focusing on the operating costs. And when you consider that about 85% of the technical assistance interventions is due to poor cleaning of the machine, which results in clogged filters , spouts, filter holders, and dispensing groups , the savings provided by a constant cleaning is very high , and the certified cost is only € 1.17 a day, which is made possible by using several products:
pulyCAFF , the solution for the daily cleaning of the espresso brewer: it removes residual grease, descales, removes old coffee deposits, and neutralizes any odours from the brewing unit, filters and filter holders, exhaust solenoid, and water passing through;
– pulyMILK , the detergent to effectively clean the steam spout, thanks to its balanced formula that first attacks the milk proteins, and then removes the grease and any deposits, to be used every day at the end of the service;
– puly Barsteryl daily cleans and sanitizes the hopper, the dispenser, the body of the espresso machine, and all surfaces in the bar.
– pulyGRIND, single-dose sachets containing small crystals of gluten-free food starches, with very high absorbency for oil and grease, to be used twice a week to remove debris from the grinding mills.
And after tasting the espresso made by a thoroughly clean unit, all doubts vanish: thoroughly cleaning is beneficial, and how!
The cold-operation descaler
An interesting novelty of Asachimici for Host is the liquid Descaler, available in conveniently thermoformed single-doses (each package contains two of them). It is suitable for cleaning filter-based brewers, as well as small espresso brewers with an internal tank , often used for breakfast and coffee breaks in hotels, banqueting, and impromptu services (e.g. poolside in the summer season) in many venues. After diluting the product, according to the hardness of the water, it starts working cold, and then (unique among descalers), thoroughly cleans the tray before the brewing unit. It acts quickly, it is not accompanied by any danger symbol and its use is recommended once a month.
We will await you at the cleaning school
For those who want to increase their knowledge of the products and techniques to clean equipment based on the preparation of a good espresso, in the context of the many meetings organised by Altoga at Villaggio del Caffè – training and meeting area (hall 18), Monday 21 October at 15.30 there’s “Coffee shop equipment: why, when and how to clean it“. A course that combines theory and practice, under the guidance of the pulyCAFF consultant and trainer Andrea Antonelli, a true expert in transmitting the good practices of cleaning an espresso machine and grinder, essential to allow the coffee to express its best quality. Attendance is free but it is advisable to confirm your participation on the site Participants will be given a practical manual with details of what to do to have a machine that is always perfect and well cleaned along with details of the costs. Seeing is believing but especially to confirm to yourself that a coffee grinder and espresso machine that have been well cleaned are the first step to a cup product of excellence.

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