Evo2, All New – Still Classic

Innovation and continuity in style: new features in Dalla Corte evo2 espresso machine.
evo2_3_whiteDalla Corte’s classic model, Evolution, was the first multi-boiler machine to be launched onto the market in 2001; evo2 – now starting to be distributed all over the world – is its successor: although its look is consistent with the original model, a generation leap is evident at first sight.
The front part is shorter and makes brewing groups – now wrapped up in a steel grill – and steam wand more visible. Pleasant to the eye and useful features are also the standardized led lighting under the brewing groups, the new backlit control panel and the display (the external palm has been removed), which allows the barista to set up functions, easily adjust parameters (such as the cleaning cycles, the temperature of boiler and brewing units) and control the extraction, also by means of a stopwatch.
As for the body, the front part is in aluminum and the side parts in Baydur, a foam material that ensures sturdiness and excellent thermal insulation. The back is divided in three parts, in steel (central part) and aluminum, joined by gaskets that provide a pleasant touch of novelty. Standard 2-, 3- and 4-group evo2 machines are available in “nebula black” and “artic white” colours; other customizations are available upon request.
The inner layout has been simplified to make components more accessible and provide greater quickness and ease of maintenance. A bigger data memory allows to have additional functions, such as a timer function for each group and an automatic ON/OFF timer for each unit for greater energy saving. There is a greater thermal stability in brewing units, with maximum thermal fluctuations of just 0.5-0.6°C.
The machine is also equipped with a serial port for the connection of a dc one on-demand grinder –a complete “system” for the preparation of the espresso is created, from bean to cup: the constant dialogue between the two devices provides a fully automatic extraction control and grind/dose adjustment, thus producing a perfect espresso, extraction after extraction.
The company has identified some elements that represent a distinguishing mark of Dalla Corte’s machines and make them recognizable at first sight – such as the ergonomic portafilter handles, the steam knob, which releases steam at maximum power with just half turn, the useful group control panels, the pressure gauge.
evo2 has been launched with the aim of setting a new benchmark for the whole market due to its highest quality standards, extreme reliability and intuitive usability.
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