OUT OF THE BOX hosted by La Marzocco to Showcase 25 Roasters from Around the World in True Artisan Café, Feature The Coffee Art Project and Provide 2 Full Days of Seminars and Workshops

Conference Explores Intersection of Innovation & Design within Global Coffee Community, October 18 & 19 in Milan, Italy

Out of the Box ArtworkOctober 8, 2013 (Florence, Italy) La Marzocco, the global leader in providing the highest-quality coffee equipment since 1927 is hosting their third biennial conference in Milan, October 18 and 19, 2013 to explore the relationship between innovation & design within the global coffee community. This programmed symposium celebrates the heritage, leadership and tradition of La Marzocco and includes two full days of seminars, exhibits and workshops with notable speakers from design, art, music and the coffee industry.
La Marzocco’s Out of the Box 2013 aims to identify forward-looking thought and innovation to push design within the industry further and will be showcasing 25 innovative coffee roasters from around the world in a True Artisan Café including Stumptown, Hasbean, Taf Coffee and Counter Culture. This experience will also feature renowned barista Stefanos Domatiotis on rotation throughout the conference.
“The True Artisan Café, which will be a unique experience at this year’s Out of the Box, is about celebrating coffee at its finest. For La Marzocco, the True Artisan Café represents an opportunity to showcase amazing coffees by bringing together 25 of the world’s finest independent roasters and café owners, each serving an assortment of different origins, blends and profiles for guests to enjoy. Out of the Box participants will be given the opportunity to interact and understand the process of delivering great coffee,” adds Chris Salierno, International Marketing Director, La Marzocco.
Also present at Out Of The Box this year, will be The Coffee Art Project. The Coffee Art Project, an initiative of Allegra Strategies, aims to showcase the creativity and talents of emerging artists, while engaging in a deep spirit of community among those who share a passion for great coffee and coffee shops. Emerging artists specializing in various media types are asked to submit a unique piece of artwork that connects to coffee or coffee shop experience. The first works of art from this project were shown at the London Coffee Festival in April and some of these as well as new works, for an additional competition, will be on display in Milan in October at Out Of The Box to be auctioned off during the conference. The goal of the project is to raise valuable funds and awareness of Project Waterfall that supports clean water and sanitation initiatives. This year their work is focused on funding a project in the Mbulu District in Tanzania, in partnership with WaterAid charity.
Out Of The Box is a biennial event that is attended by global specialty coffee, food & beverage and design industry leaders.. The majority of the conference is held in English. This year’s speakers include Piero Bambi, Francesco Illy, Luca Trazzi, Sven Hoffmann, Raffaelle Sangiovanni, Paul Schilperoord, Maurizio, Rosetti, and David Griswold. Various workshops will be lead on brewing methods, cupping and other hands on coffee experiences. Roberto Bianchi, R&D Director, La Marzocco Srl; Enrico Wurm, After Sales Manager, La Marzocco srl, Ryan Willbur, Coffee, Education, and Community Manager, La Marzocco USA; Scott Guglielmino, Product Manager, La Marzocco USA; and Daisy Rollo, Barista Trainer, will also be leading workshops throughout the conference.
Both Piero Bambi and Kent Bakke will attend Out Of The Box. Piero is the son of Giuseppe Bambi and the nephew of Bruno Bambi, the brothers who founded La Marzocco in 1927. Now 79 and continuing in his father’s footsteps, Piero has had a hand in the design and engineering of every La Marzocco espresso machine currently in production, beginning with the La Marzocco Linea Classic nearly 25 years ago. Kent Bakke is CEO of La Marzocco International and oversees all of the company’s business including the United States, United Kingdom, Korea and Australia offices. Bakke, together with the R&D team at La Marzocco, continues to push the industry forward in its support of innovation and design within coffee industry and global coffee culture.
“The program for Out Of The Box 2013 promises to make for an inspiring engaging experience for our customers and partners who will join us in Milano. Out Of the Box is an immersive event unlike any other in the coffee industry. It is an opportunity for our community to come together, to learn, and help push us further in the pursuit of making world-class espresso machines, ”says Kent Bakke, CEO of La Marzocco International.
In addition, Out Of The Box will feature collaborative artistic exhibits including “Coffee Shop Of The Future”, an exhibit by students from the European Institute of Design, The Hoffmann Gallery, a collection of celebrated photographers’ work from Sven Hoffmann. There will be other collector items on display in the exhibition area and a La Marzocco e-store.
Out Of The Box is open to the public and will also be live streamed. Set programming is to be held all day on October 18 and 19. All attendees and interested parties are also invited for a La Marzocco factory headquarters tour on Monday October 21, located just outside of Florence.


Hosted by La Marzocco

Friday October 18 – Saturday October 19, 2013

Via Gaspare Bugatti, 7 | Zona Tortona | Milano



La Marzocco TV Livestream: http://www.lamarzocco.com
To attend the La Marzocco factory tour on October 21st, email info@lamarzocco.com
About La Marzocco Named after the symbol of Florence, Italy – the seated lion with the fleur de lis – La Marzocco has been the leader in espresso machine innovations since 1927 – with the first horizontal boiler, the first dual boiler, the first saturated grouphead, the first to integrate PID controllers into espresso machines, and the first to introduce fully programmable pressure profiling. All La Marzocco espresso machines are assembled by hand in Florence, Italy. Since the 1980’s, La Marzocco has helped to build the specialty coffee community into the robust, quality-driven industry it is today. www.larmarzocco.com @lamarzocco
For more information and to register go to http://ootb.lamarzocco.com/.

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