Coffee A Cup chairman Appointed a 4C Board Member

[wpg width=”300″ height=”225″ align=”right”]The Mediation Board is responsible for settling disputes arising from the misinterpretation of or the failure to respect the Statutes of the 4C Association, its Rules of Participation and the 4C Code itself.
Mathias Nabutele is Chairman of COFFEE A CUP (Community Organized Farmers From Elgon Escarpment Arabica Coffee Uganda Program) which he founded in 2007.
COFFEE A CUP is a Fairtrade certified cooperative and a 4c producer Member. it operates from 6 districts of Mt. Elgon Uganda and has been implementing a one million coffee planting scheme every year for the past three years. It has also started piloting a carbon credit project with clean energy through efficient cook stoves and intends to raise its membership to 10,000 households by 2015
He has been appointed on 9 board member for three years , His experience with producers will bring a producers approach to the mediation board and 4c organization
Thank you All for supporting us
Mathias Nabutele
Coffee a cup Cooperative- Uganda
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