Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Holiday Blend To Be Released Nov. 23-Dec. 31

[wpg width=”200″ height=”300″ align=”right”] RENO, Nev. (Oct. 17 , 2013) — Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee announces its Holiday Blend, a dark, lively roast with a note of caramel, a luscious creaminess, and the subtlest wisp of apple.
As always, Roaster Tim Curry roasts his coffee over a wood fire, coaxing sumptuous flavor combinations from the highest quality beans. Usually he roasts over an oak-wood fire; for the holidays, he used apple wood for the gentle sweetness it imparts.
Tim’s been roasting Holiday Blends since 2006. This year he changed his creative process a bit and came up with his best Holiday Blend yet. He explains, “Normally, I have a flavor profile that I’m trying to achieve. I put the coffees together and try to determine the best way to get the profile.” This year, he took the opposite approach, finding inspiration in a particular coffee and adding two other varietals to enhance its strengths. He was taken with the brown-sugar sweetness, hint of orange-like acidity, and subtle earthy tones of a creamy Honduras. He added Nicaraguan beans to enhance its earthy character and blended in Ethiopian beans to emphasize the bright, lively acidity. He dark-roasted the blend over an apple-wood fire. It’s flavor is full and round, brightened by a delicate acidity, and capped with a briefly lingering finish. “But like a good friend, it knows when to leave,” says Tim.
Holiday Blend will be available from Nov. 23 through Dec. 31 (or while supplies last) from Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee headquarters, 30 Ohm Pl., Reno or online at woodfireroasted.com.
Enjoy Holiday Blend by the cup in Reno at Dish Cafe, Hi Point Coffee and Café, Joe’s Good Java, or Daughters Cafe.
Tim’s Tips — Serving suggestions and paring advice

  • Best time to serve: Any time. It’s a wonderful, well-rounded coffee for breakfast or after dinner.
  • Best way to brew: Any method works well. French press brings out flavors to their very fullest.
  • Best way to use in a coffee cocktail: Holiday Roast with Baileys.
  • Best food pairing: Pumpkin pie.

Test Taste — Sample Holiday Blend and say hi to Tim at these October tasting events

  • Scolari’s, Saturday, Oct. 19 – 9-11 am, 4788 Caughlin Pkwy.
  • Scolari’s, Saturday, Oct. 26 – 9-11 am, 6255 Sharlands Ave. (near Robb Drive)

To learn more about Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee’s Holiday Blend, call Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee at 775-856-2033.

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