New Coffee Roaster Changing the Marketplace

Coffee RoasterIt was while living in Thailand and unable to purchase fresh roasted coffee anywhere that Ken Lathrop, developer of Coffee Crafter’s Artisan V coffee roaster, conceived of a concept to design and build a reliable, affordable machine capable of roasting five pounds or more of coffee beans in less than ten minutes.
“My goal is to enable new roasters – to help them get into roasting their own beans, and have fun doing it” says Lathrop. “My focus was to design and build a roaster that could be easy for anyone to learn and to use – a roaster that could roast five pounds or more per roast batch, was easily installed, and one that was affordable for anyone. From the response we have received from customers and at coffee shows I think we succeeded.”
Coffee Crafters designed and began selling its Artisan V fluid bed coffee roaster in August 2013. “We built the Artisan V specifically to serve small roasters or those new to the industry”, says Lathrop. “The installation is similar to your home clothes dryer – very simple and straightforward. After installation we find that our customers are up to speed and roasting typically within 30 minutes.”
Coffee Crafters has developed the Artisan V coffee roaster – a five pound fluid bed roaster designed especially for smaller roasting operations and new roasters. The Artisan V is easy to install, easy to use, yet can roast 30 pounds an hour.
Coffee Crafters retails their Artisan V at $3,947.00 complete with separate chaff collection and cooling systems included.
For more information, please contact Ken Lathrop at (509) 315-7331 or at

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