La Spaziale: Two Years Of Success And Economic Growth

La Spaziale, has recorded an extraordinary growth in 2012 year marking a +22% on the total turnover over the previous year. Behind such important commercial and economic success, there is a clear company philosophy focused on customer satisfaction.

The winning cards of the company have always been the constant commitment for the research and innovation from a technological point of view, the service and training for the customer that always go along with the sale of the products and the flexibility to market requirements.
[wpg width=”300″ height=”200″ align=”right”]Knowing exactly which are the needs of those working with espresso coffee machines, standing beside the roaster and “behind the counter” with the barista, has been essential to reach such reassuring economic results in such a difficult period worldwide. The “data” of the company anyhow do not only refer only to turnover, but they also involve company human resources: more than 20 people being hired within two years for a total of 112 employees.
La Spaziale strategy – focused first of all on the passion and dedication of people operating in the company, starting from the President Maurizio Maccagnani – is based on the choice to offer a complete and efficient service which combines the supply of the equipment with a widespread and excellent service. After sale service is recognized as an essential element of the company and is based on a structure organization being able to grant 24 hour technical assistance and on a special attention while planning and designing the machines. Most of the technical issues can be easily and quickly solved: it is possible to have an immediate access to any component inside, by loosening few screws on the front panel. Once again, the attention is addressed to the shop keepers who need to be granted an optimal service with no interruption.
LA SPAZIALE has always carefully taken care of Northern Italy to offer a widespread support to the roasters, its customers. This was the start of a peculiar and interesting journey that has brought to the growth of the new plant in Jesolo ( Venice ).
It all started with capacity to appreciate the job of a team of expert technicians who were working in the area coordinated by Matteo Cavazzana, creating an organized service provider centre in Veneto. In this commercial and touristic area along the coast, the local shop keepers and roasters have always been quite demanding as for functionality and service response expectations for their equipment. Here, the request to the roaster for La Spaziale coffee machine for one’s location would mean being granted an immediate and constant after sale service. Over the years and thanks to an excellent job, the company has enlarged the activity by bringing the complete production and testing of some series of coffee machines in the new building in Jesolo.
The new production plant, over a surface of 2000 square meters with more than 30 employees – has allowed the company to meet the growing market requirements by increasing the production of one third from the one in Bologna plant.
What is also new of La Spaziale is the restyling of the company image with the choice of a fresh and more refined aesthetics for communication. This evolution is emphasized by the renewed website which, beside complying with the new image, has been designed according to the current principles of useability and web interaction.
Another very important aspect on which the company has focused is the easy information search and reading and the organization of an intuitive and complete online catalogue of the products. Finally, the website does include a series of multimedia contents as support of the espresso coffee culture.
A simple and elegant graphic image has been chosen for the project, which has been created by +fortuna, visual design studio founded by Paola Fortuna, who combines the professional activity with the one of research and experimentation. Paola Fortuna, teacher by IUAV of Venice, is member of the research unit New Design Borders for which she has performed various activities; the latest is a multimedia publication “Museums and overcoming of perception barriers”. The case of Venice Academy Galleries won the Grand Prix in 2011, absolute first prize, at the International IIIDAward competition which rewards, every three years, the best worldwide accomplishments referring to Information Design.

During the previous edition of the Milano Exhibition, La Spaziale range has been completely renewed. Today the success of the latest two years is reflected in the top range -S40-, in the S8-S9 series and in other innovating proposals, as the S1 Armonia.
All the coffee machines of the range can be adapted for portioned coffee. With the simple replacement of the porta filter and of the shower head block, any La Spaziale can deliver coffee with pods and capsules, allowing baristas and roasters an utmost flexibility of use.
Since the very beginning La Spaziale has focused its attention to single portioned coffee market and to the strong attraction that this market is encountering, even for outdoor consumption.
A research of the company Competitive Data of Milan last year outlined that the production value of single portioned coffee, including import, has increased of 20,3% in 2011, and the exports have increased even more rapidly (+31,4%) confirming around 243,0 Mn of euro. The distribution channels more involved in this process are public outlets; within the general growth, outdoor and OCS (office coffee service) channels are also recorded.
S40 is La Spaziale most complete coffee machine: it offers highly advanced technical solutions and avant-garde electronics that allow to control and monitor the correct espresso extraction.
S40 SELETRON has a wide main display and a single display dedicated to each delivery group; the machine also runs a smart temperature control granting a significant energy saving.
Another essential feature is the possibility to set different temperatures for each delivery group and even for each single coffee dose within the same group: this allows to choose the best parameters to deliver different coffee types or blends. The perfect espresso delivery comes out as a result of the possibility to control the extraction curve thanks to a function signaling possible grinding errors.
All the settings of the machine are controlled and customized thanks to the use of a “service card” which allows the perfect interaction between the machine and the professional operator, so as to satisfy the needs of the coffee location and of its customers.
The machine, furthermore, has a smart way to control operating temperature granting always a consistent energy saving. More specifically, La Spaziale has designed and developed the S40 SELETRON to allow the regulation of the total power absorption according to the work load in a specific time or according to the different times of the day. Furthermore, its electronics is able to compensate the boiler operating temperature on a constant base according to the external environmental temperature, thus avoiding a waste of energy.
The advanced technology of this professional coffee machine signed by La Spaziale, combines with an exclusive design, featured with high class finishing, lights and chrome effects, which are perfect to match with the furniture of modern outlets. Utmost functionality thus blends with aesthetic refinement to create an excellent avant-garde project.
S8-S9 La Spaziale: efficiency and high performance
La Spaziale S8-S9 series is inheriting the outstanding reputation of the well known S5 which has been successfully on the market for 7 years now. The S8- S9 coffee machines offer a renewed body aesthetics and maintain the same functions and technical features.
The most important aspect of these coffee machines is the electronic boiler temperature regulation, that is to say the electronic temperature control which is set directly on the control-panel, through a led display visualizing the delivery temperature at any time.
The precise and sensitive adjustment of the operating temperature of the machine is essential when you want to grant an optimal and constant result in the cup with any coffee blend used.
The machines belonging to S8-S9 series can be equipped also with some optional functions which increase their efficiency, thus meeting the different requirements of the professional operators. For those who use different coffee blends, for example, the S8-S9 allows to control and set the temperature of each group in a different and independent way (ITC).
Another function available is an additional steam wand with built-in sensor (MAT) for the automatic milk emulsion with temperature adjustment. Furthermore, La Spaziale has developed for these models an automatic system to set a service scheduled maintenance program, such as for example the wear control for the group-heads to service and the control of water softening or of
softener cartridge replacement: all these service functions are programmable on the machine through an external display.
Here are briefly some of the features of the S8-S9 series:
– Electronic boiler temperature control
– Boiler temperature indicated by led display
– Automatic operating temperature boost function
– Control of malfunction alarms
– Steam valves operated by knob in the S8 and by lever in the S9
S2: modern and strong aesthetics for the entry level
A refined and attractive design is possible also for entry level machines and La Spaziale S2 is the concrete proof: a machine designed basing on the principles of strength – the whole body is of stainless steel- quality and reliability of the components so as to grant a high performance level. Also for the entry level, the purpose is therefore to offer an optimal product to the final user in terms of efficiency and performance. The company has chosen to combine these features with a modern and dynamic design, so much different from the previous entry level series, with the option to enrich the side panels of the machines with illuminated led strips.
The S2 – with and without illuminated side panels – is available 1,2 and 3 groups, in the automatic and semiautomatic version and in the 2 group compact version with 5 liter boiler ( S2 SPAZIO).
The absolute novelty is the presentation of the TA (“take away”) version also for the S2 model, that is to say the option which allows to deliver coffee also in taller cups and glasses which is typical of takeaway outlets, thanks to a distance of 16 cm between the delivery spout and drip tray.
S1 ARMONIA is a professional machine for those who want to obtain high quality in the cup even with limited coffee consumption: it is compact, functional and flexible so as to allow the use with powder coffee, pods or capsules.
Beside this, it does not need water connection: the basic electric connection is enough for the installation. The easy adaptation system to coffee, pods, capsules is the response to the requirements of a specific growing market segment and this can in any case be applied to all La Spaziale machines, including the top range.
Beside being so easy and flexible, S1 Armonia is a fully professional espresso coffee machine of high performance; it does have 2 professional delivery groups and 2 vibrating pumps (one for each group), it also has 3 boilers -one for milk and cappuccino, the other two dedicated to espresso delivery for each group with independent temperature regulation.
Technical features:
– 2 group coffee machine available in the semiautomatic and automatic version
– Coffee delivery with powder, pods, capsules according to the required setting
– Independent temperature regulation for each delivery group by means of thermostat
– Electronic boiler temperature control for steam delivery
– Built-in safety thermostats
– Warning for lack of water in the tank
– Built-in vibrating pump for each delivery group
– Boiler heating deactivating function (Energy saving)
– Alarms and malfunctions control
– 0,45 liter boiler for coffee delivery for each delivery group
– 1,2 liter boiler for steam delivery
– 3 liter inner tank with built-in water softener
– Cup tray lighting
– 1 steam wand
– Power feeding: 230V – 50/60Hz
– Power absorption: 1200W boiler heating / 800+800Watt delivery groups
– Colors: red ,silver and black
After 44 years of business activity, the company is still growing, always believing in the values which have made it a key-reference for baristas all over the world: granting a high quality and constant result in the cup for Italian Espresso through a reliable and technology advanced coffee machine.
La Spaziale Spa has been producing professional espresso coffee machines since 1969: founded in Bologna by Adriano Cacciari, nowadays it is still successfully run by his daughter Franca Cacciari and by her husband Maurizio Maccagnani, who has developed for over 30 years the business and commercial strategies of the company.
The top quality standard represented by la Spaziale is mostly evident in the production process: all machines are produced in Bologna and all components are 100% made in Italy. Every coffee machine before being available on the market for the final customers is subject to a careful and strict quality control process and is fully tested to grant a perfect efficiency on the bar counter.
Today with 3 venues in Italy, three abroad (USA, Brazil, Romania) and over 100 distributors in the world, La Spaziale brings to each coffee bar the true passion for the Quality Italian Espresso Coffee .

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