The Empire – Cold Drip Coffee System

Tyler,TX, October 2013- We would like to introduce to you Pure Coffee USA’s cold drip
system… The Empire.

The Empire3.1It is an all glass cold drip coffee system unlike anything on the market. Our coffee is ready to serve and allows coffee shops or restaurants to serve approximately 75 glasses a day of the finest coffee available. You can make either 3000ml of one type of coffee or with our cylinders you can brew three various coffees at one time. If the bulk of your customers prefer a light roast and some would like a dark roast, we can do that. There are several variations that can be achieved including concentrate for hot coffee if desired. We haven’t even mentioned teas. Our all glass system extracts just the right amount of acid to bring you a full bodied coffee that is smooth and rich. The acid intake is lower than a standard drip and is truly unmatched by any system.
The Empire stands at 45″ tall and has a footprint of approximately 14″ diameter. The serving plate is removable and all of the glass is hand blown in the U.S. The frame is water jet cut and powder coated in a semi gloss black for a durable finish.
We are passionate about coffee here at Pure Coffee USA and welcome any questions you may have. We love our coffee community and desire to enrich it with not just taste but elegance.
You can visit our website at, call us 800-597-0920, Monday through Thursday 8 A.M to 5 P.M. and Friday 8 A.M. To 3 P.M. CST. or Email for more information.

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