One Love, One Heart, One Coffee Brand: the Marley Legacy Lives On

DENVER, Oct. 7, 2013  — The late Bob Marley wowed the world when he sang “One Love! One Heart! Let’s get together and feel all right.” Now Rohan Marley, his son, is wowing the world with another way to help us “get together and feel all right.” Rather than music, Rohan’s medium is another time-honored classic: coffee. And not the same-old, but something unforgettably rich and delicious that takes the coffee drinking experience to a new level.
Determined to make people happy, one amazing cup of coffee at a time—which in turn helps spread the love—Rohan is a passionate entrepreneur and visionary like his father. Born in Jamaica, Rohan moved to Florida as a young child and grew up in the United States. As a football player, he became a star linebacker for his alma mater’s team, the University of Miami Hurricanes, and played professionally in Canada. Eventually he returned to his family roots to continue his father’s legacy and help make the world a better place by “spreading the love.”
Rohan saw his dream begin to take shape in 1999 when he bought 52 acres of land atop Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, one of the world’s most prized coffee-producing regions, and began to grow his own coffee crops. In 2007, he founded Marley Coffee. This brand has seen rapid growth in the gourmet marketplace, thanks to the rich, bold flavors of its coffee beans and Rohan’s unwavering commitment to sustainable, organic, and Fair Trade farming practices.
“Coffee has always meant love to me,” says Rohan. “I remember how, every morning, my grandmother would dry wild coffee berries in the sun, then hull and roast them for her cup of coffee. How happy that made her! Marley Coffee is delivering that same intoxicating aroma and rich flavor into every cup.”
Office break rooms and home-based coffee lovers alike are opting for their “pods”—pre-measured one-cup portions encased in biodegradable paper filters. Four of Marley Coffee’s blends—”Talkin Blues,” “Get Up, Stand Up,” “Lively Up!” and “One Love”—are available as Realcup™ single-serve cups compatible with Keurig and other single-cup machines.
Marley Coffee is being granted a warm reception in boardrooms, break rooms, hotel and airport hospitality suites and more. The company also sells their coffee through two of the largest grocery retail chains in America, Kroger and Safeway.
With a man as spiritually rich as Rohan Marley at its helm, it is no wonder that Marley Coffee’s rich blends are taking off.
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