This Fall, a Time-Honored Way to Please People and Power-up Productivity

DENVER, Oct. 15, 2013  — At a giant tech company headquarters, staff members enviably enjoy perks that few other businesses can afford. In addition to coffee bars, this company provides ping pong and pool tables and video games. It has a bowling alley. Employees can hike, bike and train for races together, form wine-tasting groups and meditate together. Ah, well.
Wait: back up—there’s one item on this list that all businesses can provide their employees, C-suite and rank and file. Whether in a home office or global corporation, employees can be given the gift of great coffee in a relaxing space, where they can sip their brew, unwind, re-up energy, bond and make best use of the “coffee break.”
With the water cooler pretty much gone, in its place what we have—or ideally should have—is the coffee maker. But with which coffee? Just as everyone has “the best doctor in the world,” people hotly defend their brand. One person’s preferred heavy dark roast is too burnt-tasting for another, and everyone has a favorite way of brewing.
Breaks are also good because they propel people out of their chairs. Studies have shown prolonged sitting endangers workers’ health, and that people who move throughout the day are healthier than those who stay seated. But in addition to getting people up and moving—sometimes directly toward the coffee machine—does the quality of the coffee really matter?
It sure does. For evidence, consider an exciting entry that already has orders pouring in from corporations, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets all over the country—including the enormous Kroger and Safeway chains. Rohan Marley (son of Bob Marley) has taken the coffee-drinking experience to a new level with Marley Coffee, based in Denver. Recently, a major online music streaming service opted to start serving Marley Coffee as a primary refreshment option to its employees at its headquarters in New York City. Office break rooms and home-based coffee lovers alike are opting for Marley Coffee “pods”—a pre-measured one-cup portion encased in biodegradable paper filters. Two of their exciting brews are “Lion’s Blend” and “Kingston City Roast.” The coffees come in pods for drip, press and espresso machines.
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