New Travel Tumbler Targets Tea Gourmets on the Go

MURRIETA, CA (October 15, 2013) – Entrepreneur and tea-enthusiast Joey Landford of The Tea Merchant is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a new type of travel tumbler that he hopes will revolutionize how busy people enjoy their tea and coffee.
“When I was going to college and working full time, I wanted to still be able to drink my tea. I was too busy for traditional means, I needed something so I could brew on the go. Nothing I saw on the market for travel tumblers solved this as they all would over-brew my tea giving it a bad flavor or I would have to immediately discard the tea or coffee and that is not an option when driving,” explains Landford. “That was when I had the general idea for this.” explains Landford. “That was when I had the general idea for this.” Frustrated with the current offerings, Landford spent months developing a filtering system that would give him complete control over the brewing of his tea and coffee, eliminating the bitter taste created when the leaves and grinds brew in the water for too long. He debuted his Easy Steep Tumbler prototype at the New York City Tea and Coffee Festival, a consumer-oriented trade show that, like tea itself, has exploded in popularity, with tickets selling out for the second year in a row. The general response to Landford’s tumbler prototype was enthusiastic. “Everyone I talked to loved it! Most, in fact were blown away.” Overwhelmed by the public’s excitement, Landford has created a campaign through to raise funds to bring his design into production.
With tea making its way into everything from beauty products to alcohol, it’s no wonder that the Tea Association of the USA is reporting explosive growth; according to the Association’s web site, 2011 was the second consecutive year that US demand for tea overshot demand in the UK. Among the factors contributing to tea’s rise in popularity is its grab-and-go convenience, with ready-to-drink tea sales steadily increasing every year. However, loose-leaf teas are closing the gap, with entrepreneurs such as Joey Landford striving to find a balance between convenience and flavor. Among other features, his Easy Steep tumbler prototype includes a specially designed filter that locks onto the lid to prevent over-steeping as well as a convenient storage area for keeping additional tea, coffee or sugar packets. And Landford is quick to point out that the tumbler’s design is perfectly suited for coffee-lovers as well.
Landford’s Easy Steep To-Go Tumbler Kickstarter campaign launches October 15th. “I truly think it will be revolutionary for those who like tea but have a fast paced life or those that want a simple answer for tea on the go or at the office. The current designs don’t really cut it.” The Kickstarter campaign can be found here:

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