Champion Chemical Company’s MEGA Descaler debut at Coffee Fest Portland

MEGA PICTUREChampion Chemical Company’s MEGA Descaler debuted at Coffee Fest Portland and was awarded 2nd place in the New Products Category. MEGA Descaler is a scale and lime removing tablet comprised of only food grade or kosher raw materials. It is safe to use on all surfaces and machinery exposed to hard water. The MEGA Descaler is an effervescing tablet that breaks down in under 60 seconds. This tablet was designed to be used in room temperature water to cut back on electric costs associated with having a constant heat supply. The MEGA Descaler was created for coffee and espresso machine parts, but can also be used on any equipment exposed to hard water and/or scale and lime buildup. This includes piping, sinks, restroom appliances, and kitchen appliances. For samples or more information about the MEGA Descaler and other restaurant cleaning solutions, please contact Chris Evans with Champion Chemical Company at (800) 621-7868.

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